Post Covid-19 Care Tips to Improve Lungs Functionality: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Recovering from COVID-19 was half the battle won, but what about its after-effects? Many reports have been observed carefully and thoroughly studied which tells that getting rid of the Covid-19 from your body was not enough to consider yourself fully recovered because the virus completely damages the lungs which cause breathing problems and pulls you down when it comes to perform physical activities or play your favorite sport.

In some cases, after recovery, people find it difficult to walk small distances as they get totally exhausted. After getting recommendations from experts, we have prepared a list of ways to recover yourself completely and improve the functioning of the lungs after suffering from Covid-19.

  1. Do regular breathing exercises

If a person is short of breath or lacking oxygen to breathe in, then it is a common symptom of Covid-19, as it starts attacking the lungs. COVID patients are always recommended to practice simple breathing exercises which can help them breathe better and improve blood flow to the lungs.

If a Covid-19 victim practices deep breathing movements then it will definitely help him/her improving deeper inhale and muscle relaxation of the lungs and the chest. For quick results take deep breathes while lying on the stomach as it helps in boosting the oxygen flow of our body. Pranayama has been considered an important exercise to recover from COVID and improve lung functioning.

  1. Avoid smoking

Smoking causes a lot of pressure and stress on the functioning of our lungs. It is always recommended that smokers should quit tobacco and smoking if they do not want to make the condition of their lungs worse.

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  1. Have foods that help in boosting lung capacity

Mineral-rich-diet food boosts immunity which helps you breathe easier. Garlic and turmeric are said to be a powerful antioxidant-rich food which can fight the virus with their anti-viral properties. Well, it is recommended to avoid consuming an excess of processed and refined foods. Make sure to consume Omega-3 fatty acids which are helpful in controlling inflammation in the lungs. Experts suggest that you should stop paying attention to weight loss exercises and start consuming a rich diet for post-recovery.

  1. Consider taking a flu shot

Flu shots are said to speed up the recovery process and lessen respiratory problems, it can also be one of the ways to reduce COVID risk during the post-recovery process. Basically, it guards you against additional illness which can cause during the change in season or polluted weather conditions.

  1. Avoid exposure to pollution

Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 recently are recommended to avoid going out in polluted environments or those regions filled with smoke which may obstruct lung functioning. Going out will expose you to PM 2.5, carcinogens, and other harmful air pollutants that can settle in the lung cavity and create breathing problems. It is better to cover your face with a mask whenever possible.

  1. Cardio workout improves respiratory function

Experts recommend to start with brisk physical activities or exercises so you do not get too much exhausted in the beginning, picking up a sport is a lot better than any physical activity because a person remains fully active and heart rate gets improved with time. You can also start by taking a small walk in your nearby areas to avoid too much pressure upon your lungs.

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