10 Common Symptoms of COVID-19 That Lasts Longer

Symptoms of COVID

COVID is now long and short. It has been observed and reported by the office for national statistics reports that at least 1 in 10 COVID cases are stuck with the virus and symptoms of Covid for more than 12 weeks or longer.

Generally, This type of long COVID-19 is a condition where infected individuals experience the symptoms for more than a week or month of initial infection.

Symptoms of COVID

So, how would you know if you are experiencing the symptoms of long COVID?

Here are 10 common symptoms of long COVID to clear your doubts:

  • Brain fog

It has been observed that patients with long COVID have extreme case indecisiveness and inability to concentrate.

  • Fatigue

If you have Long COVID, you are going to be whining about wanting to sleep all the time due the exhaustion caused by the virus in your body.Top Zinc rich foods that can help you build Strong Immune System

  • Shortness of breath

A general symptom, where all COVID patients are prone to difficulty in breathing. This shortness of breath is medically termed as Dyspnea.

  • Chest ache

It is going to be hard for the elderly to differentiate between the normal chest ache and COVID chest pulls. It has been reported that people experiencing long COVID will undergo strange, stabbing pain in their chest. It is said to be highly uncomfortable and lasting a little longer than basic chest aches.

  • Insomnia

As a result of all these discomforts, affected individuals suffer from insomnia too. The pain and disturbance from the other effects intrude their sleep.

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  • Pins and needles

Do you experience uncomfortable tingles and pricks at some parts of your body all of a sudden or recurrently? Then it is a sure sign of Long COVID buddy.

  • Joint pain

Joint pain is a common outcome of all infections. Joint pains are going to be your friends for a while along with fatigue if you are recovering from COVID.5 Super Foods to Strengthen Your Bones Immediately

  • Fever and cough

Fever and cough are the most common symptoms of COVID. But if your fever prolongs and last for more than it should, you are then experiencing long COVID.

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  • Diarrhea

The virus in your body makes sure to take a taste of your digestive system too. It has been reported that, COVID deranges our digestive tracts, leading to conditions such as Diarrhea.

  • Inability to taste and change in smell or odour

The first symptom of COVID is loosing your sense of taste and smell. The lack of these senses are going to stay like this for a while and if you are experiencing Long COVID, it may last even longer.

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