Is It Safe To Get Vaccinated During Menstruation?


Menstruation is one of the most natural processes in a women’s body but due to lack of knowledge around it, creates a lot of fuss around the topic.

This time we’re getting overdosed by posts on social media claiming that if you get vaccinated during your menstruation period, it may cause side effects leading up to infertility.



Stating right off the bat, that none of these claims have any source or verification attached with them. For all we know, there’s someone out there who started this myth, and now, as social media works, it has been circulated among a large audience.

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If we’re to talk with experts on the same matter then Dr. Astha Dayal, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, the CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, claimed that “COVID vaccine can safely be taken during periods. There is no data or study validating this claim. The vaccine is life-saving and should be taken as early as possible. Currently, the vaccine is safely recommended for all women above 18, excluding pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.”

Moreover, there are claims that vaccine efficacy is hampered by the menstruation cycle and again! There’s no real proof of that. Among the millions of women who have already been vaccinated, no such data has been gathered from them.

Additionally, some people disagree on the side of the fact that the vaccine works at all or that they even need them. For those, it is advised to know how the vaccine procedure works in the case of Covid.

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First thing first, the vaccine is fully functional and it’s working. What happens when you get vaccinates is that it builds an immune response in your body against COVID, which does not mean that you’ll be protected from COVID. It means that you’ll be a lot stronger in fighting against COVID as compared to before.

Now, for those who don’t need it as they are healthy. Yes! You might be but what if by 1 percent chance that you are an asymptomatic individual and maybe you might not see the symptoms, but soon the people in contact with you starts to fall ill. That’s why we don’t have to think on an individual level but as a community and get vaccinated as soon as we can.

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