5-Step Sample Meal Plan to Boost Immunity and Overcome Post COVID Fatigue


Every day when we’re experiencing the increase in number of COVID cases we should not forget about the number of cases recovering. Post COVID recovery is way too important. Since the immunity of the body takes a massive hit, it becomes important for all covid survivors to look after the diets and routine post COVID.

But there are many COVID-19 patients who are fighting hard with their strong will and have also recovered from the virus and trauma as well. However, fatigue is a major concern in post-COVID recovery.



Now, you can find thousands of health boosters that are hovering on the internet and claiming to help faster recovery and building strong immunity in less time, so that the recovered patients can stand back on their feet again.

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Can we trust these online health boosters? Are these products health-certified? Does the government support such products? Tons of questions will arise in mind when it comes to health and recovery. So, to make things simpler, MyGovIndia shared a five-step sample meal plan to boost your immunity and to recover yourself from post-COVID fatigue on its Twitter account.

Here is a 5-step sample meal plan shared by MyGovIndia to boost immunity

  1. If you want to give your day a great start, then you should consume soaked almonds and raisins firstly in the morning. This is because it is said that almonds have always been a rich source of protein and from raisins, we get a good amount of iron that is sufficient for a daily need.
  2. Now comes breakfast, which is an important meal of the day. It is said that a person should always have a healthy breakfast to give a healthy start for his/her day. For post-COVID patients, ragi dosa or a bowl of porridge will always be the best option. It will help in having a fulfilling meal in the morning.
  3. When it comes to lunch, one must have jaggery or ghee in his/her meal, either during or post-lunch. Somehow, if someone does not wish to eat sabzi for certain reasons, then he/she can make a nutritious combination of jaggery and ghee with chapattis. These two will surely help in boosting the recovery process.
  4. A person should always avoid heavy meals at dinner. Khichdi is the best recommendable meal for dinner as it is nutritious and light on the gut. Apart from boosting the immune system, it can provide a good night’s sleep.
  5. Consumption of meals is one thing that no one should ever skip. But there is also an essential thing that is said to consume mandatorily and that is water. It is very important to always stay hydrated and water is the best solution to quench a thirst.There are also other drinkables apart from water for the recovery process. One must also consume homemade lime juice and buttermilk in routine. These drinks will keep you healthy and will also remove toxins from the body.Try to inculcate fruits in your diet this will help your recovery process to speed up.

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Apart from these above-mentioned food items, experts suggest adding sweet delights on your plates like berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and dry fruits like Jamun. These are packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, manganese, folate, and copper.

If a person will follow this meal plan regularly then he will be recovered soon, and his/her immune system will be boosted as well.



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