Check Latest Rules On How Can You Travel To Thailand


The world is again standing on its feet after a year-long fight against coronavirus. With vaccines in the picture, and a “new normal” the sector badly hit from the torment of coronavirus are backing up. One such major are is travelling to Thailand. Travelling to Thailand has taken a blow due to coronavirus and now after a year or so it is slowly opening it’s border again with new rules and regulations.

Countries have started opening their borders to foreign tourist to boost their tourism again. Following the step of Turkey, Thailand has also decided to open it’s arms again for tourists from all around the world.

Thanks to their new visa policies and eased restrictions Thailand is all set to become tourists’ favorite again with a Special Tourist Visa (STV) that could extended upto 60 days and for the low-risk countries it could be extended twice upto 9 months.

Thailand is a country located in esteem location in South Asia. It is known for its culture, temples, beaches, and mouth-watering Thai food. Most of Thailand’ economy runs on tourism thus it is a vital part of Thailand’s financial structure

How can you travel now to Thailand?

Following are the things you need to have before you travel to Thailand:

  1. A negative report of Covid 72 hours before the journey.

2.A traveler also has to submit papers of medical and travel insurance with a minimum 100,000 USD ie. Rs 73,56,140 coverage for Covid-19 treatment and also a minimum coverage of 400,000 THB ie. Rs 9,79,430 for other medical expenses.
Also, you need to submit proof of residence in Thailand like hotel residence, condominium ownership documents or rental contract for long term residence.

Upon Arrival:

  • A PCR-test for COVID.
  •  14 days of quarantine in a designated quarantine hotel. Or by chance, if you happen to be COVID positive then you.ll be taken to the state hospital to undergo observation for a week to 14 days.

The travelers can extend their visas up to 60 days. But people coming from countries like Australia, China, Vietnam can extend their visas up to 90 days as these countries are low-risk countries. Furthermore, people can extend their visas up to 9 months from these countries.

Given the new rules and regulations to travel to Thailand short trips to Thailand are impossible for now.

The Special Tourist Visa is valid till 30th September 2021.

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