Apana Vayu Yoga Might Save You From Side Effects of Wearing a Mask


Masks have become a part of our lives but we can’t ignore the side effects of wearing a mask and it almost feels like an included body part rather than a wearable accessory. All this is due to the pandemic situation which has taken down the world into a complete 6 months of an outage.

Side Effects of Wearing a Mask

While masks might reduce our chances of Coronavirus contamination, it does one more thing and that is the hardness of breathing and other problems as well. And it may look normal to everyone due to the situation but it wearing a mask has adverse side effects.

Moving on, we can dwell on the problem or we can find some solution. So, rather than wearing the mask a wrong way and making all the efforts go to waste, we have to find some other way in dealing with the problem.

Now, belonging to India, we might also have an added advantage. And that is having traditional medicines and the science of Yoga, Ayurveda and all with us. Just like we’ve seen the Corona Kadha do magic effects on a number of people, simply by boosting immunity. We have a solution for the beating problem as well in the books of Yoga.

Yes! a very specific yoga exercise is there which might help you reduce the adverse effect of not getting enough oxygen courtesy of the mask. The name of the yoga practice we’re talking about is Apana Vayu yoga.

Now, Apana Vayu yoga creates an outward flow of negative energy and inward flow of positive energy. And is said to remove the toxicity of physical being as well as mental being. Meaning that it will not only cater to your physical fitness but also your mental health, which might be disturbed due to the lockdown.

The steps to practice Apana Vayu yoga are as follows:

  1. Relax your body and mind by comfortably sitting down in a supine position at a distraction-free place.
  2. Held your palm open and extend your hand in the upwards direction.
  3. Touch the middle of your palm with your index finger.
  4. Place your thumb over your index finger.
  5. Adjoin the tips of the thumb, middle and ring finger.
  6. Keep the little finger straight.
  7. Meditate in this position peacefully while practicing breathing.

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