Nicotine Might Have Saved You From Getting Coronavirus, Know How?

Recently, a study done in France on smokers showed that people who smoked are less likely to acquire the novel Coronavirus. With unlikely results, it is found that “nicotine” has somehow helped the people to dodge the attack of the pandemic.

The study was done on 343 Coronavirus patients along with 139 others who had mild symptoms such as common cold and fever. Out of this total, a small amount, only 5 percent of individuals were the ones who smoked cigarettes.

This number was surprising when compared to the fact that smoking stands on #1 reason for death in France. Every year, 75,000 deaths per year are linked to smoking. And out of the total population of the country, 35 percent of smokers are present.

Since the tests are done, the news became a wildfire globally. Many other teams did the same with positive Coronavirus patients.

Last month, a poll done under the New England Journal of Medicine showed that 12.6 percent of 1,000 people infected in China were smokers. In China, out of the total population, 28 percent are smokers.

As per the French research done under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Changeux, France Pasteur Institute found that nicotine is able to block the cell receptors and shuts off passage for the COVID-19 virus from entering the cells. It may deliver aid to the person’s immune system and lessen the overreaction. 

The team carried out these testings at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris where patients (both mild and severe cases) were provided with nicotine patches to see any change or reduce against the virus.

Contrary to the fact that nicotine could aid in the pandemic, people are advised not to pick up smoking or start using nicotine patches. People are advised to keep the harmful effects of nicotine in mind and avoid any circumstances of using it. The research team who carried out the testing awaits for approval for further testing on these patients. 

As we look for our country, India is home to 12% of the world’s smokers. This equals to approximately 120 million smokers in the country. And every year, more than 10 million die each year due to tobacco in India. It will be interesting if our researchers will take an interest in the same study and find a prominent solution.

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