Flaunt Your Abs Fast Using These 6 Exercises


Six pack abs. Everyone wants them, craves them, adores them, styles them but only a few leaps of faith to attain those biscuits on their tummy. They require some time, well not some, but most of it to get to the bottom of your zeal and get through. 

For a Six-pack abs body, you have to get some tactics accordingly for your transformation. They will get to you, that’s for sure but you have to make your mindset work according to some of the best workout strategies to achieve your goal. And you are in for a treat.

Our sources include some of the best trainers and gym-goers who have come forward and made the perfect outline for your body. This fitness routine is composed of 6 abdominal exercises carefully chosen by our experts. The aim is to hit both your upper and lower abs muscles perfectly. Practice them to get to that core! Let’s get started.

*Note- Try 2-sets of every exercise and take rest for 30 seconds between each set. As the body varies, rest time could increase or decrease.


Hardstyle Plank For Abs

“This exercise is as difficult as you’re willing to make it,” says our experts. Hardstyle Plank is one of the badass exercises of all plank styles. Here, you have to project yourself in a forearm plank position while face down. Hold your elbows align with your shoulders and tighten your hand to form a fist. 

Make sure your forearms are parallel to each other. Take regular breath in-between the up and down movement. Hold the position for 15 seconds per set. As you stay more and more, increase the time of float to sustain your pain in the abdominal section. Tighten your core and do it regularly for those abs.

Dead Bug

Dead Bug might intrigue you. Pay attention. Here, you have to lay down on your back while facing up and have your hands straight tighten in the air. Bring both your knees above your hip making a 90° angle with your calf. Subsequently, lower down your right arm while you and away from your face with your left leg going straight down the ground. 

Change your leg and hand postures alternatively for 14 times per rep. Keep in mind that this is a lower back exercise. So try keeping your hips and lower back tight and stick them to the ground for more time for the best results.

Bird Dog

Bird dog is one of the crunchiest exercises you can ever do. It goes on without any trouble and you increase your reps with time for effective results. In the exercise, bring your shoulders above your wrists and hip above knees. 

Now forming a tabletop like structure, stretch your left arm along with your right feet. A pause of a second when your arm and your feet are at the same level and then bring your knee and arm to touch each other under your chest. Repeat this by exchanging your feet and arms. Try stretching as much your body can sustain and not more than that. Do 4 reps in each set.

Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball

It’s time to bring out your cannonball experience. Form a cannonball position by bringing your legs to your chest and hold them by your hands. Make sure you have enough energy to hold this position for 5 seconds.

Then, release your position by extending your arms and legs to stretch as much as they can. This will form a “hollow” position. The tip for this useful position is to enlarge to your fullest during extension. Breath during the small gaps between contraction and recovery. Do these 5 reps a set. 

Dumbbell Side Bend

Dumbbell Side Bend brings you the use of your weights. Stand straight up keeping your hips tight and back straight. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and palm facing towards your side. Then stretch your right portion up to your waist by bringing it down along the weight.

Make sure you keep your back straight and hips and legs tight and parallel to each other. Also, use reasonable weights for bringing down your body then gradually increase over time. For the dumbbell side bend, do 12 to 20 reps for each set.

Barbell Back Squat For Final Version of 6 pack abs

Barbell back squat brings you to our final version of 6 pack ab exercise. In starting, you have to do it without any weight. In this, move your feet shoulder-width apart and bring a barbell (rod used to lift weights). If you don’t have a barbell, you can use a pair of wooden rod bind together.

Now, by keeping your back straight, lift your barbell off the rig. The main target here is to hit your core and not your muscles. Similar to the traditional squat, send your glutes back-in and bend your knees as deeply as possible. Finally, press on your heels and bring your body up above. Do 12 reps in each set.


Do these exercises regularly, no exercises will give you overnight results. Stay hydrated compliment these exercises with a healthy and nutritional diet. Abs are good but the overall fit body is better. Seek consistency and don’t go crazy for those abs.

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