Instagram’s New Launch COVID-19 Spread Tracker Rt.Live


Rt.Live is the  COVID-19 Spread Tracker by Instagram founders Kevin Systrome and Mike Krieger, every time they come together they make something that makes the headlines. 

Both computer programmers have come up with a new solution to live to trace the current situations of the COVID-19 spread in the United States named Rt.Live

Their website, is based upon the statistical data provided under The COVID Tracking Project.

CTP is an organization that collects testing and infection rates in the US.

The statistics help to determine whether a US state has been affected by the virus or not. works on the reproduction rate (Rt) of the virus.

The data helps the site to determine the number of individuals affected by a single infected person in any state in the country.

This data concludes the result in a graphical form that is available for everyone to see.

As you look onto the site, you see the data organized in a region-wise method. Here, the values are related to 1.0.

To make it simple, understand this. Values over 1.0 mean we should expect more cases in that area, values under 1.0 mean we should expect fewer.

As per the data, 15 out of 50 states in the US have an Rt of less than 1.

As of 7 pm IST on April 21, Idaho has the lowest spread of the Coronavirus outbreak with a rate of 0.19.

Vermont, Colorado, and Alabama have also shown that on average, the virus is not growing in a total geographical area.

Also, other neighboring states including North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina have been hit hard.

The epicenter of the US, New York City is the worst-hit city in the US by the virus. Here, the virus keeps on to continues to spread and transmit to other people living there.

When Bloomberg asked about the two programmers about their new project, Kevin stated: “We’re trying to take what is a complex topic and boil it down to a simple number that anyone can view from their home”.

Their idea is to depict the real-time scenarios experienced by US citizens.

The platform has been a major help for the people and the government too.

It paves their way to act differently for separate states according to the conditions present there.

This results in giving instructions for either easing the lockdown or order stricter restrictions.

Meanwhile, there are some loopholes in the platform.

As of now, any fast decrease in the number of patients takes time to reflect on the numbers.

Also, those who are hospitalized and put in isolation but are waiting for reports are unreflected in the numbers.

As of today, there were 794,000+ positive cases with over 42,000 unwanted deaths in the country.

The government has implemented every possible solution to lower down the numbers and bring peace in the country in the long run. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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