Why its time to let that cigarette go?

Are you one of those who needs to have a puff of their beloved cigarette, every now and then?  Well, you may already know that it has side effects but whatever you may have come across, there is much more to know about your favorite pastime or should we call addictive habit.

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The cigarettes are believed to be originated in Mexico during the 9th century, they succeded the popular cigars but were only restrained in small localities of Mexico and only locals enjoyed having a smoke session. Later on, Washington Duke started the first commercial production of Cigarettes on his 300-acre farm Raleigh, North Carolina back in 1865. The cigarettes were hand-rolled and they were majorly sold to the soldiers who returned home after the great war. it serves as an escape from their war-related traumatic memories and helps them handle PTSD, which was commonly visible on every war returned soldier.

The industrialization of cigarettes happened because of James Bonsack, who invented cigarette making the machine back in 1881. From there on, one after the other, the cigarettes become a fad and then an addictive trend that was hard to let go. The government has taken preventive steps after seeing the negative effects of smoking but couldn’t do much rather than having a warning label stuck to the front and back of the cigarette packs.

The cigarettes we smoke today come in various forms, flavors and the pricing differs too but they were once a rolled pack filled with tobacco and nothing else. The cigarette manufacturers are making large profits by selling their product and they keep on increasing the price when raw material included doesn’t even take a hike. They know the notion that a smoker would dig in and smoke at any cost.

There are several facts that one should know about smoking :

Facts related to cigarettes:


  1. The cigarette smoke contains about 70,000 chemicals and out of those 70 are known to be a reason behind cancer.
  2. The smoke from cancer can affect our DNA composition and that can result in body cells becoming cancerous.
  3. Prolonged smoke is rather more dangerous than heavily smoking with long period of gaps.
  4. 5 million people die due to the use of cigarettes and tobacco, it is predicted that the numbers will rise up to 8 million in the coming future.
  5. If you are a non-smoker in close contact with someone who smokes, chances are that you will be at risk too.
  6. The death from tobacco and smoking are one of the most preventable deaths but were not given much attention due to such things becoming a socially accepted norm.
  7. One cigarette contains about 1 mg of Nicotine and that can be enough to get you addicted, that’s the reason behind people who try one cigarette out of whim and ends up being an addict mostly.

Prevention is better than cure:

Going through cancer treatment and seeing yourself on the deathbed doesn’t sound nice. What actually sounds nice, is the sound of money which you saved from suppressing the urge to buy the next pack of cigarettes. Opt for a program that restrains you from the continuous use of cigarettes or goes for products like Nicotex, which claims to get you rid of your addiction in only 21 days. Choose your way or method but get yourself clean, if you can, Afterall, Its never too late to give up old sticking bad habits.