50 Best New Year Resolutions You Can Keep in 2023


New Year 2023 is just around the corner and there are many goals and aspirations that we will all take forward in the upcoming year. If you are like me most of your resolutions in 2022 were somehow not able to be fulfilled. But you know what 2023 New Year resolutions are the talk of the town now. What’s done is done and can never come back. Let’s move to the New Year 2023 with a new set of resolutions that we can certainly hope to achieve.

50 Best 2023 New Year Resolutions to Keep

1- Hit the gym


Fitness is always that one particular thing that is on everyone’s mind before the New Year starts. Every year we hope to hit the gym from the 1st of January but most of us tend to back out on the day when it really starts. However, if you are really serious about your health then this should be your 2023 New Year resolution.

2- Drink adequate water

Drinking water should always be on our list. Nowadays, people tend to ignore the importance of water in their lives which ultimately results in illnesses and certain problems. This is one of the easiest 2023 New Year resolutions to keep.

3- Avoid junk food

2023 New Year resolutions related to fitness and health are on the top of our lists due to the reason that a healthy body harbours a sound mind. Avoiding junk food will create a very positive impact on your overall health.

4- Start to travel more

new year resolutions travel

The coronavirus kept us on a leash and most of us haven’t travelled anywhere since the pandemic began. But now the effects of the pandemic are almost gone and one can easily travel from one place to another. This is the perfect time to visit a city or a country that you have always wanted to finally get a fresh perspective on your life.

5- Take on daring projects

2023 is the year when you can take on new adventures. We say this is the year when you forget about the things that have not worked for you. Now, try new things and be daring to achieve the unthinkable.

6- Take up a hobby

Having a hobby is a must in today’s life. In our everyday life, we have forgotten about things that tend to matter to us. Things that give us joy should always be on our priority list and taking up a hobby can be the thing that you really need in 2023. It should definitely be on your list of 2023 New Year resolutions.

7- Learn new things

One of the best 2023 New Year resolutions to keep is learning new things. You can never be too old for learning new things and you should certainly hope to learn something new this upcoming year.

8- Keep a healthy sleep schedule

Most of us have sleep schedules that do not make any sense at all. We all sleep and wake up like some dishevelled animals who have no sense of time. This is the year we change our sleeping patterns. Therefore, keeping a healthy sleep schedule is one of the best 2023 New Year resolutions to keep.

9- Read new books

Reading is a very healthy mind exercise that opens up our minds to certain perspectives beyond our imaginations. Books are our best friends and this phrase should be the one rule you should live by in the upcoming year.

10- Help others

Helping others can never go out of fashion. Lending a helping hand to people is always one of the best things that you can do. You will get blessings from others also helping others will make you a better human being.

11- Thank others

We often tend to not show our gratitude for the people who help us. Let’s change this habit in 2023 and start thanking those who help us. Let’s show our gratitude to people who love us and help us without having a second thought.

12- Start meditating


The hustle and bustle of city life have created a panic around us. We are all always in a hurry to do something. One of the best 2023 New Year resolutions that you can adopt is to start meditating which will help cleanse your mind and body.

13- Keep your surroundings clean

Cleanliness can have a great effect on a person’s productivity. By spending about 8-10 minutes per day on cleaning we can greatly increase our overall productivity.

14- Be active in family affairs

Drifting away from family connections and then finding it hard to share your feelings with others is a common problem nowadays. Let’s start 2023 on a healthy note by being more indulgent and active in family affairs. Let’s make the people who care for us feel special.

15- Save money

Living a minimalist or simple lifestyle can help you cut down on unnecessary expenditures. You can simply save money by choosing to live a life that’s not affected by what others are doing. This is certainly one of the best 2023 New Year resolutions that will help you in the future.

16- Start investing

Keeping your money stuck in a bank wallet will do no good for you in the future. This is the time you start exploring new opportunities. Start investing in things that benefit you in the future cause money makes more money.

17- Reduce time spent on smartphone

Let’s face it we are all addicted to our smartphones. Some of us are addicted to Insta reels while some of us spend hours talking to our loved ones on our smartphones and some of us just find it hard to quit spending time on smartphones even when we have nothing to do with it. Let’s make a New Year 2023 resolution so that we will spend less time on our electronic devices.

18- Eating healthy on a schedule

Eating healthy on a schedule is important to keep a body perfect and sound. Even if you eat healthily but don’t follow a proper schedule then there are chances that you will end up gaining weight or have health-related problems. This is one of those 2023 New Year resolutions on which we should all work.

19- Learn to cook

learn to cook new year resolutions 2023

Being self-sufficient is the key to happiness in today’s life. When you can cook on your own you can almost live on your own if you have a job. Cooking is one of the most comforting activities that you can learn in 2023.

20- Spend consciously

Spending consciously is one of the best decisions that you can make in 2023. We often spend too much on things that we don’t even need. Let’s end this bad habit in 2023 and start this New Year’s resolution.

21- Take breaks

We don’t take as many breaks as we need cause we are working towards a better future. But what about the today that we are living in? Life is not just the upcoming years. It is meant to be lived in each and every moment and taking breaks is one of the most significant parts of it. Certainly one of those 2023 New Year resolutions that we can’t do without.

22- End one bad habit

Let’s say you have a bad habit of smoking or nail biting or anything that can cause you more harm than good. This is the year that you get rid of that habit. Ending a bad habit will not just improve your life it will make the people around you happier as well.

23- Be creative and spontaneous

Let’s stop defining our lives like a timetable. We are human being the most creative species on the planet. In New Year 2023 let’s get in touch with the creativity in us.

24- Develop a skincare routine

Skincare is one of those factors of health and beauty that you can’t ignore anymore. The pollution around us and the UV rays are no more avoidable. One must develop a regular skincare routine to take care of their skin.

25- Start appreciating yourself

Start giving yourself credit for the things that you have achieved by doing the hard work. Start celebrating your success and remind yourself that you are important and that what you do really matters. It will help develop your self-confidence. This is surely one of the best New Year resolutions in 2023.

26- Make time for your friends

As we all are moving towards a lifestyle where we are wedded to our work we tend to forget the friends who have helped us in realising goals. Let’s socialise more with our friends in 2023.

27- Start writing a diary

Diary entry that we all learnt writing as kids in school is one of the healthiest activities that you can do. A diary entry will help you realise what you have been doing and whether is it really the path you should walk forward on. This is one of the best 2023 New Year resolutions without a single doubt.

28- Start socialising more


Meeting new people and sharing your ideas and views with them will help you get a new perspective towards life. We have stopped socialising in real life due to easily available social media platforms. But in 2023 you can start to get back on track by avoiding social media and building real-life relationships.

29- Avoid unhealthy drinks

Drinking alcohol and aerated beverages can cause a negative impact on your body. One should drink fresh juices and green tea to avoid gaining weight and developing life-threatening illnesses. This one is surely on my personal 2023 New Year resolutions list.

30- Start your mornings with an exercise routine

Choosing to exercise in the morning can help make your whole day better. Just by stretching and simply doing a bit of running and Yoga, you can enhance your lifestyle. It’s one of the easiest 2023 New Year resolutions to undertake.

31- Be updated with the news of the world

Keeping oneself updated with the latest happenings around the globe is one of the tasks that one should definitely consider undertaking in 2023. By knowing about what’s happening around us we can stay ahead of others in developing ideas and things that can take the world by storm. Also, a knowledgeable person is always more attractive than anyone else.

32- Stop procrastination

“Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, pal mai parle hoyega, bahuri krega kab.” Remember this Doha of Kabir? It means that one should do the things he/she is meant to do on the spot without wasting any time. Let’s make a New Year resolution that we will stop procrastinating in 2023.

33- Include organic food in your diet

We all know most of the veggies and meat that we purchase nowadays are processed and contain chemicals that ultimately harm our bodies in the long run. You can gradually start to shift towards a more organic diet in 2023 by purchasing those eatables that are known to be produced organically.

34- Spend a few hours outside every week

By choosing to spend a few hours outside every week we give ourselves the opportunity to build a better lifestyle. Staying curled up in your home will do you no good. So, whenever you are free and have nothing to do just go outside and explore the things around you.

35- Spread positivity

Have a positive outlook on life in 2023. If people throw stones at you turn them into milestones in the upcoming year. Carry a positive vibe that cuts through the negativity. Motivate others and live your life to the fullest without worrying about things that will affect you in future. Spreading positivity is one of those 2023 New Year resolutions that will give happiness to everyone around you.

36- Reduce waste

We all know that global warming is annihilating our planet bit by bit every year and we must stop producing waste that leads to this problem. Reducing waste is an easy task that anyone can accomplish just by paying a bit of attention to their lifestyle.

37- Forgive and forget

Harbouring anger for someone who has wronged you in the past will do you no good in the longer run. It’s time to forget and move on with your life. Just give yourself the closure you need to start focusing on new things that really matter in your life now. It’s one of the most positive 2023 New Year resolutions.

38- Donate things


Things that you have no use for, that are just lying around in your house and can come in use for others should be the ones you should donate to the needy people in 2023.

39- Stop complaining

One of our toxic traits is that we start complaining very easily. Let’s face it life is not equal for everyone. While some people are born privileged there are some who are highly underprivileged. One can’t do anything about this but one thing that everyone can do is to build towards a better future. So, start doing and stop complaining in 2023.

40- Listen more

Stop talking like a chatterbox and start to listen more in the upcoming year. People who listen to others’ opinions are always the smartest person in the room. It’s time you start respecting others’ opinions as anyone can surprise you with an insight that you have not thought of at any given point in your life.

41- Write down your goals

No matter who you are this is one of the best 2023 New Year resolutions for you to keep in 2023. Writing down our goals can help us move in that direction. It’s a conscious step towards making a dream come true.

42- Volunteer for social services

There are thousands of NGOs across India that are always in need of a helping hand. You can easily volunteer for an NGO and help your society and its people by contributing your skills. Also, it will give you a sense of self-achievement and development.

43- Try a new look

It’s never too late for trying out a new look. Maybe you will look better with a pompadour, you just never know. Let’s make a resolution that we will all try out a new look in 2023 just to spice up our lives a bit.

44- Confess

If you have feelings for someone, I think it’s time you confess them to the person you love in 2023. In love, we often fear about losing the other person but what is yours is meant to stay with you. This is one of the toughest 2023 New Year resolutions that you can keep.

45- Start to walk more

If you are someone who can’t just start off with the gym-care routine out of nowhere in 2023 then starting to walk more can turn out to be a good little routine for you. People who walk about 10000 steps daily have lesser chances of suffering from commonly known diseases. It’s an easy New Year resolution that you should try to keep.

46- Prepare a flexible daily routine

It’s no secret that we can’t stick to one particular routine in our daily lives. But we can certainly plan for contingencies by making a flexible routine that takes time out for activities which helps build our emotional and physical health. It’s one of the most significant 2023 New Year resolutions to keep.

47- Develop confidence

Developing confidence is an art that comes to some people naturally. But don’t worry if you lack confidence as there are various activities that you can undertake to build confidence. You can even consider taking confidence-building classes to do the same. Being a confident fellow is the key to success in today’s world.

48- Be polite

Stop being rude in 2023 and start treating everyone with the same sense of respect irrespective of their position or age. Being polite is a nice trait to have as it will make certainly make you an easy human being to approach.

49- Learn to be happy on your own

Learn to be happy on your own

People who are happy with themselves are the people who can guide others towards happiness. If you are someone who seeks happiness from others then you are someone who has still not solved the mystery of life. By appreciating your life and being content with the things you have, you can start living a happy life while working towards your goal. This New Year make a promise that you will be happy with yourself.

50- Learn to control emotions

Last but not least on the list of best 2023 New Year resolutions to keep is learning to control emotions. One should not be affected by things in such a manner that one ends up losing control of their state of mind and heart. Learning to control emotions is one of the keys to happiness.


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