5 Signs That You Are Self-Sabotaging and How to Stop Doing It.


People frequently discuss toxic environments, harmful people, and toxic relationships, but we frequently overlook bringing up the most dangerous behaviour, which is self-sabotage. While one may manage external toxicity, once one is toxic themselves, things get quite challenging. Here are some very simple indicators that you are self-sabotaging and need to act immediately:

  1. Not knowing what you truly want for yourself

    It is acceptable to not know exactly what you want when you are a teen because you have not seen life enough to experience to know what makes you happy. However, if you are an adult and still unsure of what makes you happy, this could seriously stunt your growth. It is not important to know exactly what you want; but, it is quite helpful to acknowledge and prioritise the small portion of what you do want.
  2. Ignoring your Priorities

    Ignoring your wants at times makes you weak in the long term and also makes you always available, which, pardon me, you know how hurtful it can be at times.
  3. Knowing exactly how things stand but doing nothing to change them

    Staying powerless in a poisonous circumstance is a major contributor to self-destructive behaviour. is the start of a destructive pattern in life. When all you have is yourself, you sometimes have to do things on your own. No one will come to your aid. 
  4. It’s too simple for you to hold back your emotions

    Why am I crying about this? I shouldn’t express my feelings? You don’t always need to get out the public announcement  microphone and shout your guts out to convey how you feel; you can just tell the person who needs to know or write it down. You shouldn’t confine them inside. Simply express yourself, whether you are happy or sad. Do not be afraid!
  5. Making an effort to please others

    If you begin each day with the intention of impressing others, you will find it impossible to quit. You cannot compete with the world’s ability to disagree  with you even at your best, so you will never be able to make yourself happy. Therefore, the best course of action is to first make yourself happy. Once you are at peace with yourself, the outer world will find a place to settle.

I wish you the courage to start off small and to be grateful for your bravery tomorrow.


How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” —Rupi Kaur

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