Healthy Food Options at Weddings for the Wedlock Season


Wedding season is just around the corner and probably the day when most of us will overeat and deteriorate our health only to regret it later. We all know no one really has the appetite to satisfy all their cravings on a single night. So, instead of gorging on food like barbarians, we can prioritise our health this year. We promise you will feel a lot better by following our tips for healthy food options at weddings this wedlock season. Now, if that was enough to reason with you, let’s explore what you should and should not eat at the wedding receptions this year.

healthy food options at wedding

Healthy Food Options at Weddings

First of all, before we even talk about food, let’s make it clear that you do not need to starve yourself for a complete day to eat like there is no tomorrow at weddings this year. Consume your regular meals before showing up at weddings cause if you don’t, then no matter what dishes you eat at the wedding, you will have an unpleasant feeling.

With that little info out of the way, here’s how you should plan your wedding meals this year:

healthy food options at weddings

1- To begin with, starters should be consumed in only limited portions. Going overboard with them can make your stomach overfull in no time. Avoid anything that’s fried, and try to stick to tandoori snacks. If you go for the fried starters, you will surely feel their remnants the next morning.

2- Coming to the main course now. Don’t just blindly pick up the plate and serve everything you can fit in that. First, take a look at all the dishes that are available at the wedding. Then assess how much you can eat. Now, whatever assessment you get, only take half the quantity of it on your plate. Skip dishes which are too oily and go for salads, and if you are attending a North Indian wedding, then dal makhani, chole, Missi roti can be the best options for you. However, if you are at a wedding with a South Indian menu, you can opt for the idli-sambar or a dosa-sambar combo.

3- If you have empty space in your stomach and can’t go without desserts, then you should opt for traditional Indian sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun or jalebi. Don’t go for baked sweets or creamy stuff at all. Lastly, no more than one serving of the sweets at any cost.

4- If you are one of those who can go without having sweets, then you should help yourself to a coffee before leaving the event. As it will soothe your stomach. Also, don’t touch soda drinks like Coke and Pepsi at weddings.

5- That’s it for the wedding night, but we have a feeling that you will still end up feeling a bit overfilled the next morning. Worry not, as it happens to almost all of us due to the difference in time between the wedding food and your regular dinner, as well as the variety at the weddings that can make your stomach feel a bit upset. Just grab a cup of green tea first thing in the morning to let everything fall in place for you.

6- Also, go for light meals the whole day after a wedding night. You don’t want to produce unwanted responses from your stomach after having too much variety in two days.

7- Last but not least, if there is alcohol at the wedding, we recommend completely skipping it. Instead of that madness, you should just shake a leg on the dance floor as it will help your food in digesting faster and quicker. However, if you can’t bring yourself to go without having a little taste of the alcohol, then even if you consume, it doesn’t go overboard, and you must eat before even having the thought of entering alcohol into your body.

Well, with that, it’s a wrap. Follow these healthy food options at weddings this year to feel awesome and proactive.

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