Why Should You Stop Smoking Immediately?

Do you know Cigarette and bidi smokers in India are likely to die 6-10 years earlier than those who don’t smoke? Smoking kills about 1.2 million adult Indians every year. More than  10% of Indian adults are addicted to smoking, including 19% of adult males and 2% of adult females. 5.3% of India’s total expenditure on health care and medical facilities is extinguished in dealing with diseases caused by tobacco use. If these astounding stats are not enough to convince you to stop smoking and then don’t go away cause, by the end of this blog, you will find at least a single reason to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking


There are various harmful side effects of smoking which can ruin your life completely. These side effects bring pain to smokers and those who care about them. More than a smoker, his/her family suffers the worst outcome from smoking. The life-threatening diseases caused by smoking can shake the entire world of people.

Why Do You Need to Stop Smoking?

Why Should You Stop Smoking

Reason 1- Smoking will make your family suffer more than you. It will bring destruction to their lives. If you quit smoking, you can bring calmness and refreshment to the lives of people around you. Your positive approach and attitude will motivate your friends and family to change their lives by taking the initiatives that they never found the courage for. Instead of being a burden on your loved ones, you can become someone who inspires and instils courage in his colleagues.

Reason 2- Quitting smoking can benefit you in many ways. It enhances your quality of life. You start to appreciate the things and people in your surrounding. You find yourself more engaged and fascinated by the ongoing events in life. You can dedicate more time to your goals and ambitions instead of smoking away all the decisions that you should have taken to move towards a brighter future.

Reason 3- If you stop smoking, you will add at least 5 more years to your life. Smoking reduces the life expectancy by 6-10 years, and one can gain those years back by immediately stopping to smoke. The risk of premature death that always looms on smokers can be minimized to a great extent if you can convince yourself to quit smoking.

Reason 4- Your organs will not be adversely affected if you stop smoking. It is common knowledge that smoking can severely damage a person’s lungs, resulting in respiratory problems. Some people might even suffer from asthma due to being addicted to smoke. Here are a few illnesses that you can avoid if you quit smoking:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Sudden Stroke
  • Formation of Excessive Blood Clots
  • Cancer
  • Irregular Periods
  • Reproductive Issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Fetal Disorders

Smoking causes Fetal Disorders

Reason 5- Those who smoke would know that cigarettes and bidis do not come cheap. A chain smoker may end up burning thousand just smoking. The pandemic has reduced people’s purchasing power by a fair margin, and many Indians are struggling to even satisfy their basic food needs. However, those who smoke are in much big trouble cause their addiction forces them to spend valuable money on cigarettes and bidis, which ultimately creates too much financial pressure. Quitting to smoke can help a person alleviate their financial worries.

How Can You Quit Smoking?

Nicotine, a substance in smoking products, produces a chemical reaction that makes people’s brains release a large amount of dopamine. This pleasure, combined with the thrill of a racing heart and increased blood flow, makes people addicted to smoking.

Only those with solid reasons and willpower are able to actually stop smoking in real life. People with a lack of determination always end up relapsing. Therefore, the first and foremost thing a person needs is the willpower and determination to go through the withdrawal scenario without succumbing to the desires of the body and brain.

How to Quit Smoking

Tips that will help you Stop Smoking:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy is the best and most effective method to help you in your journey of quitting smoking. You should visit a doctor who can prescribe a few nicotine-related sprays or inhalers you can use instead of lighting cigarettes to satisfy your urge. Also, one can buy nicotine gums without a prescription to help one quit smoking.
  • Staying away from the places where you tend to smoke will definitely help you in quitting smoking. Those places where you often smoke can act as a trigger, so you should definitely avoid them in any circumstances.
  • Whenever you feel that the urge is getting too strong, tell yourself that you just have to wait for 10 more minutes and continue doing so every 10 minutes until you find yourself losing the craving. You can also chew a piece of nicotine gum to control your urge.
  • Indulging in physical activities can help you forget about smoking. Also, being too involved in work and life will help you save the trouble of thinking about smoking. The best method to stop smoking is to quit thinking about the smoke. Diverting your attention is one of the best techniques you can employ.
  • Joining a support group where you can find people like yourself struggling with addictions can help you strengthen your resolve and willpower. Forming emotional bonds with others is also an essential aspect of the treatment.
  • Reminding yourself about what awaits you at the end of the tunnel is also a great technique to keep smoking at bay. A good and healthy life in which you can actively function and reduce financial stress should be enough to keep you motivated toward your goal of quitting smoking.

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