10 Best Skincare Brands in India Right Now


Skincare is certainly one of those aspects of health that you can’t ignore if you want to have a life that’s free of any sort of concerns and irritations. Having smooth and healthy skin is the new standard of beauty nowadays. Many of us believe that eating nutritious things and doing a bit of exercise will help us get rid of all our skin problems. However, that is true but not enough to have healthy skin that’s free of any sort of irregularities nowadays. One certainly needs skincare moisturisers, creams and other things to keep their skin as healthy as possible. Here we have listed some of the finest skincare brands that will help you do so.

Top 10 Best Skincare Brands in India

1- Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya herbals best skincare brands in india

Himalaya Herbals have been around for quite a long time now. Their naturally prepared products have helped thousands of Indians get rid of their skincare problems. This is easily one of the best skincare brands in India without a doubt. Even doctors tend to recommend Himalaya products for certain skin conditions. They offer moisturisers, sunscreen, cleansers, toner and more.

2- Clinique


Clinique is one of the higher-end skincare brands in India. The premium quality brand offers great pore-refining serum. Also, their skin cream and a wide range of moisturising lotions are something that you should definitely try at least once.

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3- Biotique


You must have already gotten the hint by name that this skincare brand uses organic and ayurvedic components to prepare its products. That means your skin stays away from the chemicals which can ultimately hamper your skin in the long run. Also, their products are gender neutral which means you won’t have to double spend on everything for your family.

4- Lotus Herbals

lotus herbals

Those people whose skin can’t handle the sun must try this brand. The sunscreens developed by Lotus Herbals are the finest in the industry. Also, their products tend to do wonderfully well on oily skin. Their products are a bit expensive but are definitely worth the price.

5- Neutrogena


The best when it comes to removing acne and blackheads from your skin. Their wide range of products includes night creams, deep cleansers, foaming cleansers, and moisturizers. Also, their face wash is a delightful product for your skin. Neutrogena is surely one of the best skincare brands in India right now.

6- Mamaearth


Mamaearth slowly and steadily has become one of the best brands offering skincare products in India. Their organic products are in huge demand due to their effectiveness. If you live in a place like Delhi then you should definitely give try their anti-pollution cream. Also, you might wanna try their charcoal face wash as well.

7- Cetaphil


While other skincare brands that have been listed here are beauty or domestic companies this skincare brand is dermatological and suggested by doctors for its great products. They use Salicylic acid in the products which deeply cleans the skin and opens the small pores. However, Cetaphil’s skincare products are quite expensive.

8- Votre


It’s a shame that you can buy Votre skincare products only online in India. It is a severely underrated skincare brand that specialises in face packs, toners and tea tree face washes. The Votre toner has received widespread positive reviews for its ability in healing skin pores.

9- Olay


Olay is a trusted skincare brand that deserves to be on the list of best skincare brands because of the results it has produced over the years. If you want soft and smooth skin then Olay certainly is the brand for you. Their products are highly effective in evening out the skin tone. This is for those who want to age gracefully.

10- Lakme


Last but not least on this list of best skincare brands in India is Lakme a cosmetic brand that develops some fine face wash, face masks and face scrubs. The texture of their skincare products is pretty suitable for summertime conditions.


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