Zodiac Signs: Know Your Best Indoor Hobby Based On Your Zodiac


As we all are packed inside our houses because of the uprising fear of the pandemic, our lives somehow became miserable because humans were never used to sit at home for a very long time like this. But for the safety of our loved ones, we have to stay inside, no matter how long will this pandemic continue to be in existence.

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But we have to find a definitive solution for this boredom, and nothing can be better than learning a new hobby at home, isn’t it? So, after numerous researches, we have prepared a list of all the zodiac signs and what should be their appropriate hobby according to their zodiac sign and ruling planet.

  1. Aries: Karaoke (March 21-April19)

Maybe you are not a good singer but do not worry your friends might not be good as well because they don’t practice karaoke every time, right? So, do not worry at all and sing with an open heart. According to your sign, you love to be the center of attraction and for that karaoke can be the best hobby on your list. As mars is your primary ruler so you have a competitive streak. Pop songs should be your first choice because they are easy to groove on and can help in impressing your group.

  1. Taurus: Candy Making (April20-May20)

The primary ruler for Taurus is planet Venus and this is the main reason why Taurus people love delicious and beautiful things in their life. So, what can be tastier than candy? This can become a good hobby of yours which will help in giving you importance in front of those who you love and take care of, impress your friends and family. All you need is patience to make a perfect candy so do not give up early because you got magic in your hands.

  1. Gemini: Dancing (May21- June20)

When you are attending a dead party then that is the right time to show your dance moves and become a life-saver for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional dancer, nobody asks for a professional dancer to show up at a party or for enjoyment. So, this can be your shot or moment to impress your friends or someone special for whom you have been waiting for too long. These days ‘Shuffle Dance’ is trending which is suitable for a party dance. Learning a few steps and tricks will work for you to be in limelight. So, all the best with your dancing practice.

  1. Cancer: Cross-stitching(June21- July22)

This can be a good hobby for you as it helps in sharpening your concentration power and let your imagination out in the form of stitched threads. This can be a nice choice to gift someone whether to your family or your friends. This will also help you in keeping your senses calm and you can have control over them easily.

  1. Leo: Doing Makeup(July23- Aug22)

You are ruled by the biggest star of the solar system, that is, the sun. During this pandemic staying at home is the best option for everyone to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus. And, this can be a great opportunity for Leo to get famous in front of everyone with the help of the highly-advanced internet these days. So, what if you cannot go out to show how beautiful you are in front of your friends, you can start your own makeup tutorials over the internet that will provide you good exposure and will allow you to reach millions of people who are sitting just like you at their homes.

  1. Virgo: Candle-making(Aug23- Sept22)

Who could have thought that candle making can also be a better hobby for someone? It is believed that a Virgo is meant to shower light upon the darkness. A Virgo knows that sometimes it is better to step back and take a break from society to rebuilt it in a proper manner because people these days don’t want to stop at all, in fact, they are running continuously to catch up with life. Lighting candles brings a peaceful ambiance to your surroundings, so making your own can be a good hobby for you.

  1. Libra: Sewing (Sept23- Oct22)

Libra is ruled by planet Venus, who was the goddess of beauty. Looking beautiful is your birth-right that is why you are a Libra. So, what if you fear going out to buy some clothes at the time of the pandemic, you can stitch your own. In fact, you can stitch some clothes for your family too. Creating or making your own dresses will make you skillful and will always give you an extra edge above other people in your surroundings. You can also stitch beautiful face masks with your own designs or blankets.5 Interesting Craft Ideas To Use Waste and Make It Into Something Useful

  1. Scorpio: Playing the Keyboard (Oct23- Nov21)

You have a lot of mixed feelings inside yourself. Sometimes you do not realize how to express yourself which can be greater suffering for you in the future and dangerous for those around you because you also don’t have the slightest idea that when you might burst out of anger when you are totally filled with your suppressed emotions. So, it will be highly recommended to you to buy a keyboard and let your emotions out that have been suppressed for a very long time. If you are a beginner then that’s okay, because you can find relatable beginner videos on the internet to start with.7 Zodiac signs that will have a prosperous professional life in 2021

  1. Sagittarius: Learning a New Language(Nov22- Dec21)

People like you are considered good at learning and exploring new things. And, this can be your trump card at the time of pandemic because you can start learning a new language that is widely used across the world as it will be beneficial for you to start a new business because as soon as this pandemic gets over, many tourists are going to arrive in abundance which will be a plus point for you or this make your resume look good whenever you will be applying for a new job in a company.Top Skills You Can Learn From Youtube in Lockdown Period

  1. Capricorn: Bread Baking (Dec22- Jan19)

You like to work hard and party hard too and above all you like money, this is what your sign says. But you know the importance of working hard because it does pay off. And bread making requires a lot of patience and hard work and none the less it provides money too. So do not forget to consider bread-making whenever you are thinking of changing your job or starting a new one.

  1. Aquarius: Making Digital Art (Jan20-Feb18)

You are highly intellectual because it is difficult for your brain to function at a slow speed and it wants to do something productive every time. You do not like wasting time by sitting idle, your body wants to be in action all the time. So, it will better for you to invest your time by making digital art your new hobby as it gives you a much larger field for exploration and try new things by yourself without any boundaries.

  1. Pisces: Reading Tarot (Feb19- Mar20)

It is believed that you carry the wisdom of all signs before you. Being a water sign can sometimes be difficult for you as you are deeply in touch with your emotions and gets a little sensitive sometimes. You truly believe in luck and take some necessary decisions according to it. So, it will better for you to learn to read tarot cards as you can easily plan your important decisions. These cards will never tell your future as they are not meant for this purpose. You should think of them as a meditation tool. Each card represents a human experience or what a human has experienced in his life and with the help of these experiences you can make your life easier by building up a new perspective.


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