Top 15 Bengali Sweets in India for All the Sweet-Toothed People


If you love sweets then you certainly can’t say no to the wide variety of delicious Bengali sweets. From Mishti Doi to Rosogulla Bengali sweets have it all to satisfy your sugar cravings. This list is for all the sweet-toothed people out there who want to try the best sweet dishes in India.

15 Best Bengali Sweets

1- Sondesh

Sondesh BENGALI Sweets

This is a popular Bengali sweet dish that’s made from condensed milk and sugar/jaggery. Nowadays, people have started experimenting with Sondesh by adding chocolates and certain other flavours to it. But in our opinion, the traditional dry Sondesh is one of the best Bengali sweet dishes that you have right now.

2- Lavang Latika

Lavang Latika

Specially made on the occasions of Durga Puja and Diwali in West Bengal, the Lobong Latika is a favourite sweet dish of many people in India. All-purpose flour, khoya, nutmeg powder, grated coconut, ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamoms, cloves, and sugar are the ingredients that are used for making this glazing and shining Bengali sweet dish. It’s mouthwatering and will certainly leave you craving.

3- Patishapta

Source: Rumki’s Golden Spoon

This traditional Bengali sweet dish is similar to a crepe but it comes with fillings of coconut with jaggery or sugar, and sometimes it is filled with kheer too. No matter whether you taste it hot or cold you will fall in love with this sweet for sure.

4- Chomchom


This list of best Bengali sweets would have been incomplete without Chomchom in it. This coconut-coated sweet dish is made from cottage cheese and kheer/mawa. The heavenly taste of Chomchom will make you addicted to it. You must try it when it’s completely chilled to get the best taste out of it.

5- Goja


Goja is perhaps one of the easiest Bengali sweets to make. You can try making it at your home as it requires only a few ingredients to be completed. Bengali Goja is made up of Maida which is deep fried until its turns crispy gold and brown. After that, the Goja is transferred into a sweet syrup to soak sweetness.

6- Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi

Easily the most popular Bengali sweet dish right now, Mishti Doi is best served chilled. It is a mixture of low-fat milk, curd, and unsaturated brown sugar left overnight. Bengalis believe that Mishti Doi brings good luck and often eat it before starting a new venture. It is also consumed at festivals in Bengal.

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7- Kacha Golla

Kacha Golla

Kacha Golla is one of those Bengali sweets that people tend to personalise on their own. The only main ingredient that goes in the dish is pure milk. Other than that you can use ingredients of your choosing to make this soft and tender Bengali sweet dish that is purely a heavenly bliss.

8- Roshogulla and Rajbhog

Source: Binjal’s Kitchen

You must be wondering what’s the difference between Roshogulla and Rajbhog. Well, to let you know there is not much difference except for the fact that Rajbhog uses Kesar which makes its colour yellow, on the other hand, Roshogulla is white and does not include the use of Kesar. Soft cottage cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup is the best way to describe Roshogulla and Rajbhog in English.

9- Kheer Kadam

Kheer kadam

Small Chhena balls coated with khoya and powdered sugar Kheer Kadam is a popular Bengali sweet dish that you can find almost anywhere in West Bengal with ease. Nowadays, it’s all started to go popular in Northern India as well.

10- Narkel Naru

Narkel Naru

One of the best Bengali sweets that have been made for ages now, Narkel Naru is prepared with the help of coconut and jaggery. One can also use sugar to make it instead of jaggery. The special flavour in this Bengali sweet comes from elaichi powder. It is a delight to eat and the consumption of it on auspicious occasions is quite popular in Bengal.

11- Rabri


There isn’t a place in India where you can’t find Rabri anymore. This Bengali sweet dish has evolved on many levels and people are mixing and matching it with certain dishes to heighten the taste and flavour. Rabri is made from condensed milk and garnished with dry fruits.

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12- Rasmalai


These soft and spongy flattened sweet balls are perhaps one of the best Bengali sweets that you can enjoy. No matter which family function you go to nowadays you will always have the option of Rasmalai in sweets. The popularity of this sweet is insane. It’s made from milk, a curdling agent, sugar, saffron and cardamom.

13- Payesh

Source: Kitchen Mai

Bengali kheer is known as Payesh. In Bengal, it’s made from rice, ghee, milk, cardamom and dry fruits. Payesh has a thick consistency and some people like to eat it when it’s completely chilled. You can also mix some Roohafza to enhance the taste of this Bengali sweet.

14- Khirer Chop

Khirer Chop Bengali Sweets

Khirer Chop also known as Kheer Chop and Kheer Kachuri is one of the best Bengali sweets that many people in Northern India don’t know about. Flour, sooji, nutmeg, milk, sugar, bread, golden raisins and cardamom are used to make this delightful sweet dish.

15- Raskadam


Last but not least on the list of best Bengali sweets in Raskadam which is prepared by mixing Khoya and curdle milk. The curdle milk is used to make Roshogulla which is then wrapped into a khoya coating.

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