Earth Lost 28 Trillion Tonnes Of Ice Cover Courtesy Of Global Warming

Earth Lost 28 Trillion Tonnes Of Ice Cover Courtesy Of Global Warming

Global warming is a persistent issue that has been coming at right at us for ages. We’ve seen marches protesting against means of global warming and we’ve seen activists talking on the issue as well. But nothing solid has been done in the last thirty years and currently, it seems like we’re already too late to do anything about it.

The glacial ice cover not only supplies water content for supporting life but it also reflects the sun’s radiation back into space. This is how it acts as an earth radiation shield and we’ve been protected by the harmful effect ever since.

Earth Lost 28 Trillion Tonnes Of Ice Cover Courtesy Of Global Warming

Now, coming back to the current state of matter, it seems like that we’ve reached a point of no return already. The reason behind us stating that is the loss of 28 trillion tonnes of ice in the last thirty years starting from 1994.

And 1994 is a significant year due to the reason that it was that time only when activists start rising up and promises were made to protect our resources against global warming. But thirty years later not only we fail to protect that but somehow it’s worse already.

Professor Andy Shepherd, director of Leeds University’s Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling commented on the issue “To put that in context, every centimeter of sea-level rise means about a million people will be displaced from their low-lying homelands,.”

“Just over half (60 %) of the ice loss was from the northern hemisphere, and the remainder (40 %) was from the southern hemisphere. The rate of ice loss has risen by 57 % since the 1990s – from 0.8 to 1.2 trillion tonnes per year.”

“In the past researchers have studied individual areas – such as the Antarctic or Greenland – where ice is melting. But this is the first time anyone has looked at all the ice that is disappearing from the entire planet,”

“What we have found has stunned us.”

Ohio State University publishes research recently stating that the Greenland Ice Sheet might already be dead. The reason being even though the ice is being replenished via the yearly snowfall the rate of melting is even higher. The resultant is that each year we are losing some part of the Green land ice sheet.

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Even if Global warming is to be controlled and the temperature is to be instated at favorable levels then to we cannot turn back this ratio. This somewhat tells us that 440 Billion Tonnes of ice will soon be gone and there is nothing we can do about it.

The effects of global warming might not be visible to a commoner yet but soon they will. This is why we urge that it might be late but still we can do our bit and contribute our part against the devious global warming.

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