Healthy Food Options With Alcohol That Won’t Ruin Your Diet


Holidays are here and all we can think of during this season is partying with family, friends and our dates of course! Going overboard with alcohol during this time of the year is natural and putting on that holiday kilos is also obvious. Being a little more careful with what we eat with our drinks is no harm, right? Because struggling to be back to the shape is a harder scenario always.

Well, we got you covered with the list of foods you can munch with your drinks that might not ditch your hangover completely but help you in some ways and of course not add the extra calories.

Healthy Food Options

Craving for pizzas, lasagna, fries more carb rich foods with our drinks is our go to thing, because who cares! but that’s a big NO NO, because alcohol is not helping your body and that junk is definitely not.


List of Healthy Food Options With Alcohol 


Apart from being high in protein, eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that helps break down the toxins in alcohol that cause hangovers.


A clear soup, like chicken clear soup or vegetable clear soup, which has a broth-like texture, is a healthy choice. Creamy soup with cream of chicken or cream of mushroom should be avoided as it would make one heavy, thus delaying the digestion process.


Plain rice is said to be one of the best food that is easy to digest, paired up with a light vegetable dish. It is very nutritious as well


Salad is refreshing and healthy at the same time. It can be bland, but it is better to have healthy salad as an accompaniment than having salty food with alcohol.

Wheat bread

Wheat bread toast can be consumed with alcohol without butter or cheese. It is an alternative to wheat crackers for those who do not prefer it.


The lycopene in tomatoes work to reduce inflammation in the body and also help maintain a proper balance of body fluids. This is one of the ways in which you can prevent a hangover.


Popcorn does not contain fat, neither is it high-fibre. It is the best low-calorie food to go along with alcohol and it tastes really good too.


Surprise! Oats are a great source of fiber and protein, both of which support feelings of fullness and as well as ease overall alcoholic effects. Furthermore, studies have shown that oats can help protect your liver by protecting against alcohol-induced liver damage and by improving liver function.

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Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken sandwich without cheese and mayo is a healthy food tip as it contains sodium.

Drink Water

We cannot emphasize lesser on water in between your refills, it will not only save you from dehydration the other day but keep you more full and save you from mindless drinking.

Salty food can worsen the dehydration effects of the body. And as the body tends to be dehydrated during drinking, it is better to avoid salty food. High-fibre food items are not good for the health either. It delays the digestion process, which is not a good sign for the body. Also, it is also not advisable to eat food in large portions before going to bed, especially after alcohol intake.

We all know we can’t substitute alcohol in all this christmas-y party mood, but we can surely alternate food with more healthy food options to have our hangovers in put because fun shouldn’t be altered with our bad stomach or other health issues.

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