10 Amazing Things You Should Do At Night in Delhi in 2022


A city that never sleeps and never stops, Delhi at night is a whole lot of another vibe in itself. With every nook and corner waiting to be explored, Delhi and its chaos turn upside down during night hours. The streets lead you to showcase the gentle beauty and calm that Delhi exudes in many ways showing you the other side of the city.

While the daytime in the city has its charm, it’s the night vibe that one can get a hold of. The city glimmers with lights and a vibe that soothes your soul.

Here’s a list of 10 things you can do at night when in Delhi!

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage site – Qutub Minar

Standing tall, this age-old towering monolith is a treat for the eyes. Pride of Delhi and surrounded by a posh location, Qutub Minar is a testament to Indo-Islamic architecture. Built by Qutb-Ud-Din-Aibak, this monument holds the spot of a UNESCO World Heritage site, leaving you enthralled with its majestic views. The soft and warm lighting on the monument against the backdrop of dusky night skies of Delhi enhances the overall experience of this site, bringing forth a lot of different views post sunset.

experience qutub minar at night in delhi

Visit the serene Bangla Sahib

Experience the calm and heavenly beauty of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib with the soothing chants of Gurbani that will ease your soul. The serene vibe of this place will leave you mesmerized, making you want to sit here for hours with some inner peace. The Gurudwara shines in full glory with subtle lighting during the night hours, reflecting its beauty in the ripples of the water body situated on the premises. The delicious Kada Prasad and Langar would enrich your soul with their flavors, making you visit this place now and then.

visit the serene Bangla Sahib at night in Delhi

Savour the food at Pandara Road

Known to all, Delhi is famous for its food of all sorts. Bless your taste buds by visiting the roadside eateries at Pandara Road. A heavenly hub for midnight food gobblers in town, this place begins its magic in the late evening which goes on until the rays of sunlight hit the town.  A paradise for people partying around the space, this place will calm all your late-night hunger pangs with its lip-smacking delicacies that are hygienic. Don’t forget to visit the ever-famous Gulati and Pindi restaurants which are the best out of the lot there.

food at night in Delhi

Paint yourself in Patriotism at India Gate

Shining in its absolute glory, the war memorial with a leg on each side of the Rajpath, is a must-visit for all at night. The place radiates a sensation of patriotism for all, with its beauty being amplified at night with the spotlight illuminating the space. Take a peaceful stroll with your friends and family around the place, relaxing your mind and intaking the goodness this place has to offer.

india gate

Take a long drive to Murthal

Get on the outskirts for a long drive to the well-known hub of flavorsome food, Murthal. With the renowned Dhaba reigning the place, Amrik Sukhdev is known to all for its delectable food. Indulge in the richness of buttery Parathas and Kulhad Lassi, with the authentic flavors elevating your tastebuds to crave more of it.

drive to murthal

Indulge in Handicraft Heaven at Dilli Haat

All the handicraft and art enthusiasts get immersed in the state-wise space that would flood your way with exquisite products crafted out of pure skill, love, and labour. This place radiates the true spirit of art and culture in India, with ample options for you to choose from. Visit this place with your group of friends and family while enjoying the authentic food delicacies from different states and sipping the famous fruit beer this place is famous for.

Handicrafts at Delhi Haat

Experience the old-world charm of Dilli 6

Visit the quaint lanes of Chandni Chowk and experience the true essence of Old Delhi with the cluttered lanes that emit brightness with an array of shops selling everything under the sun. The street food here is to die for with the famed ‘Parathe wali Gali’ giving you a wide variety of options of parathas to choose from along with the drool-worthy Chole Bhature by the roadside. Soak up yourself in this bustling market located in the heart of Old Delhi with some corners being lit up all through the night, offering Delhi’s best of things and experiences to you.

Delhi 6 market

Get in your party shoes

Famous for its nightlife, Delhi urges you to wear your party shoes and groove to the beats that the city makes you dance on. With a plethora of nightclubs, cafes, and lounges in the city, one can experience and indulge themselves in these beautifully designed spaces, sipping on classic cocktails and letting themselves loose on the dance floor.

Nightlife in Delhi

Experience the Light and Sound show at Red Fort and Purana Qila

Go back in time to witness the history of 17th-century India at Red Fort and Purana Qila. The gigantic monuments which are the testimony to India’s stupendous architecture, are luminescent with lights and the narration of a story that talks about the true essence of our nation, is a feeling which is worth experiencing. The visual animation coupled with the stellar storytelling makes up for a night that is a fun yet informative one in the city.

light and sound show red fort

Night Safaris at Sanjay Van

A delight for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers out there, Sanjay Van has got you covered with its famous night safaris. The walk here is an opportunity for you to know about the history of Mehrauli which is now a posh locality in Delhi with exquisite eateries and luxurious home décor stores. One also gets to know how the place and city have evolved over time passing the century tests along with echoes of wild, making your experience a wholesome one.

Delhi Night Safaris

So, pack your bags and make your twist our itinerary, including the list of things you could experience at night in Delhi!


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