10 Food Items to Avoid If You have a Deskjob


Did you forget to bring your Tupperware to lunch today, or you stormed out of your house when the fragrance of ‘ghiya‘ reached your smelling sense? Well, you must have thought I would eat something from the shops near the office, didn’t you? Don’t tell us you walked out without a plan to have your stomach filled in the long afternoons at the office. For our article’s continuation, we will just gladly assume that you thought of grabbing a quick meal at lunchtime from the shops near your office.

Well, the real hard part arrives when the clock strikes the lunchtime hour. With so many delicious unhealthy options available at every nook and corner of Delhi, it becomes quite hard to actually select a dish which will end up ruining your day. Our advice- don’t worry cause you were destined to be doomed when you stepped foot outside of your house without lunch. As the old would say, “Ab pachtaye hot kya jab chidiya chugh gyi khet.

Anywho returning back to the topic of selecting the one dish that brings the epic downfall. What would you choose? Do let us know if you can. Just Kidding. It’s just that the Pao Bhaji I had has made me sour and cranky to the point that even I don’t know from where all this humour and snarkiness is rearing its head. Well, with this, I will stop beating around the bush and finally introduce you (Can we have the drumrolls) to the 10 food items that you should never-ever, not even in gloomy weather, include in your lunch plan at work.

1- Pao Bhaji

The whole reason this article exists is right in front of you. Saying from personal experience, don’t order Pao Bhaji for lunch at the office cause the butter will act as a sucker for your energy.

2- Momos

Dimsums will only make your life worrisome in the office. Imagine hurrying for the loo and coming back looking like a ‘loo‘ has hit you.

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3- Coffee

Don’t start to hurl abuses at us. We know drinking coffee once is not a sin, and we do not disagree. However, on days without food, don’t just pour in a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.

4- Jalebi

Naam- Jalebi bai, ahaan“, remember the fun song from the movie Thank You? One thing is for sure- you won’t be thanking the jalebi vendor when the sweet you eat on an empty stomach brings all the unnecessary heat to your body.

5- Coca Cola

Indians and their love for carbonated drinks is still a better love story than twilight. However, unfortunately, this love saga will not end on good terms if you directly pour in a cup of coke on an empty belly.

6- Samosa

“Jab tak rhega samose mein aloo tab tak rahunga main tera shalu”, can’t stop yourself from grooving to the beats. Well, you won’t be hustling and bustling a lot if you have samosas on a desk job.

7- Chole Bhature

Hot piping bhaturas with masaledar pindi chole is something that we can’t get enough of. However, our love is restricted to only Sunday cause we don’t think it’s worth risking not working on your job for two delightful bhaturas. No matter how enticing it sounds.

8- Lassi

Where are my Punjabi veeras? Gather up bros cause ain’t the fear of sleep stopping us from drinking a full glass of lassi. Call me what you want, but I think the love of lassi far surpasses the trivial issues of jobs and income.

9- Amritsari Kulcha

Oye Hoye, the over extra butter on Amritsari Kulchas is just pure magic and love. No matter how much you convince yourself that you won’t be overfilled, this food item will devour you with its heaviness and taste. It takes us a day to return to our working sense after having this Punjabi marvel.

10- Tikki

Kaash!! aloo tikki mai itna dum hota ki isko khane see wajan kam hota.


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