10 Best Places To Eat Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR


The name alone is enough to make us want to run out and have a plate of boiling hot Chole Bhature. Flickonclick discovered 10 of the best place to have a chole bhature in Delhi. A delectable combination of spicy and flavorful chole (chickpeas) with fluffy hot bhature is the ultimate north Indian delight. Chole bhature, a Punjabi delicacy, is a tantalizing mix of earthy Indian spices, mixed perfectly with boiling chickpeas in a hearty tomato and onion mixture. 


Chole bhature has earned its position and appeal all over the world when served with puffy, filled bhaturas. The food holds a particular place in Delhi’s heart; there are several spots where you may indulge in this delicacy to your heart’s content. While there must be a  vendor in every neighborhood of Delhi, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular.

Top 10 Places For Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR

Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Location – 2246, Near Imperial Cinema, Paharganj, New Delhi

Sita Ram in Paharganj serves a really delectable chole bhature. The iconic restaurant, which has been serving since 1950, sells one complete plate of chole bhature, which includes two bhaturas and a bowl of chole. A special aloo sabzi made with diced potatoes and an unusual mix of spices is served alongside the dish. You won’t want to miss out on their paneer-stuffed bhaturas!

Chache Di Hatti

Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR

Location – D 32, Bunglow Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.

Chache Di Hatti stands out as a spot you’d love to go back to when you’re very hungry and broke, with aloo-packed bhature, a ring of onions, tangy chutney, and a bowl of finger-licking chole! It is a pocket-friendly location that is sure to surprise anybody and everyone. It is located in the hustle and bustle of Delhi University, North Campus.

Bhimsains Bengali Sweet House

Location – 27-29, Bengali Market, Mandi House, New Delhi

This restaurant, located in the heart of Delhi’s Bengali market, Mandi house, has been serving Indian chaat and mithai dishes for decades, but the chole bhature is the star of the show. All you need for a satisfying meal is a platter of delicious chole and fluffy bhature from this establishment. How about a big glass of cool lassi to go with it?


Odeon Sweets

Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR

Location – 22, Bhagat Singh Market, Gole Market, New Delhi

Another legendary name from the list! Odeon Sweets in Gole Market is a charming small shop where you may indulge in all things sour and delicious. Though the chole bhature here is our favorite. Odeon Sweets is worth a visit for their hot and fluffy bhaturas and delicious chole garnished with sour pickle and onion.

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Baba Nagpal Corner 

Location – 7/25, Old Double Storey, Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi

This venue is very popular among the populace, from college students to car walas to business executives. If you ask foodies in Delhi about their favorite spots, they’re likely to respond “Nagpal’s chole bhature near Moolchand is a must-try.” However, be prepared to fight the crowd for your plate of bhaturas, as the venue is frequently packed.

Roshan Di Kulfi

Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR

Location – 2816, Block 34P, Ajmal Khan Road, Kw2arol Bagh, New Delhi

Don’t be fooled by the name; this renowned food place in Karol Bagh offers a wide range of delights to tempt your taste buds. Its chole bhaturas is incredibly popular and filling, so go with an empty stomach!

Giani’s Di Hatti

Location – 651/52, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Giani’s Di Hatti, located in the heart of Chandni Chowk, is known for its rabri falooda, gajar ka halwa, and drool-worthy chole bhature. Despite the fact that Chandni Chowk is a hotspot for Indian street cuisine and is frequently congested, Giani’s Di Hatti steals the show with a variety of unusual dishes.

Om Corner

Chole Bhature In Delhi NCR

Location – Sant Nagar, DB Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Om nook, another hidden gem in Karol Bagh, serves thick and creamy chole with pillowy bhature infused with urad dal and red chilies. Aren’t you already slurping?

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Nagpal Di Hatti

Location – 131, Budhh Bazar, Veer Savarkar Market, Gandhinagar, Near Geeta Colony, New Delhi

Nagpal Di Hatti would come to your rescue if you mention chole bhaturas in East Delhi. Chole cooked with a variety of spices and served over scorching hot bhaturas is a culinary delight. Make a note if you haven’t been here yet!


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