Consistency Is The Key To Success, Know Why?


Consistency is one of the key factors which can help you push ahead of even the most talented person in a race towards your goals.

The reason being that consistency brigs in small chunks of progress over a long period of time which will soon grow up to a massive number.

Unlike someone who is just talented and can score the same results as you did in a comparatively shorter time. But only gets up from his bed to do the same once a month.

Consistency and hard work are said to be the best weapons in your arsenal if you’re going on a battle of self-improvement or amongst highly competitive people in a highly competitive domain.

The reasons are as clear as the sky on a bright sunny day but we’d still like to theorize them in order for someone like you to read.


Tracking Progress

it’s only when you’re constantly in your pursuit of something that you can track progress. Otherwise, any achievement that you garland to yourself is meaningless. As it’ll be based on half heated efforts and cannot be measured up against someone who is willing to be more consistent in the same task against you.


Holds Accountable

When you do something for a long time then only you will be labeled as a success or a failure of that particular task. This holds you responsible for something other than yourself and brings in growth. The reason is that most people make sure not to get their name tainted for something they think they’re accountable for.


Establish a Reputation

When you’re grinding every day at the same task and not giving up then it generates a sense of respect towards you in the heats of a bystander.

The sole reason for this is that as a human we want to be relentless and internally wish that we can strive for more without caring for the results.

This is why when we someone going at it daily, whatever task it may be, we generate a sense of respect towards that grind.


Increase Relevancy

Your progress is a measurable quantity and while looking back you need to make sure that you’re consistent in your pursuit or the number can falter. On top of that, you can easily be irrelevant if you’re being highly inconsistent because the world waits for none.

And before you even know, you’ll be out of competition and someone whose more consistent would take over you.


Establish Authority 

Consistent people gain insights, analyze things, and gain experience way too faster than any of their counterparts. Which is why they end up in a place of authority and are relied upon for making better decisions for everyone around them.

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