10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India


Let’s see what are some of the Best Cycle Brands in India. A bicycle is not only a way to get around; it’s a way of life that encourages adventure, sustainability, and good health. Choosing the correct bicycle is crucial in India’s busy landscape, where fitness regimens, leisurely rides, and everyday commutes are all very important. We’ve sorted through the possibilities to help you make an informed decision, from rugged mountain bikes made for off-road adventures to urban commuters made for city life. 

10 Best Cycle Brands in India

Explore this extensive guide to choose the perfect two-wheeled daily companion. Riding bikes with the parents is one of the most treasured childhood memories for all of us. Cycles are a common sight in any Indian family, even if we didn’t have enough time to spend with our parents as we grew up. 


10 Best Cycle Brands in India

1. BSA Cycles

BSA Cycles

In India, BSA Cycles is a well-known and recognizable brand. The UK-based Tube Investments and the Murugappa Group worked together to establish this brand. They also possess a large number of other well-known Indian cycling brands. Specifically, Montra, Ladybird, Hercules, etc. 

In the Indian market, BSA was a pioneer in introducing some of the first. On their website, they claim to have been the first in India to introduce an MTB, ladies’ bike, kids’ bike, geared bike, etc. Additionally, BSA provides kids with some excellent bicycles. This brand is undoubtedly available in even the tiniest bike shop in any city.

2. Btwin Cycles

Btwin Cycles

Decathlon is a French corporation that owns the cycling brand Btwin. I do not doubt that everyone in the sports-loving crowd is aware of what Decathlon is. If not, visit their India website (Link shown below the picture). In 1976, the Decathlon Cycles Division was established. In 2006, it underwent an official renaming to Btwin.

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3. Cannondale Cycles

Cannondale Cycles

Dorel Industries is a Canadian company that owns the Cannondale brand. They are well-known throughout the world for their creative bicycle designs. They manufacture and distribute a large selection of performance bicycles all around the world.

At first, each bicycle was made by hand in the United States of America. Bicycles are currently, however, produced in plants in Taiwan and China.

4. Hero


Although it began in Punjab, it now exports to more than 70 countries and has been active in India for the past 60 years with several models. It is well-known for its annual capacity of 7.5 million bicycles and is a division of the Hero Motor Company. 

It also maintains plants in Sri Lanka, Ghaziabad, Bihta, and Ludhiana. “Quality” is a major factor in the brand’s appeal because they offer caliper brakes and steel frames. Hero is therefore the most well-known brand in India if you’re looking for it.

5. Avon


Avon is one of the oldest bicycle brands if we are talking about it. In 1948, Pahwa Brothers founded it to produce brakes and saddles for bicycles. However, they began producing bicycles in 1951.

The brand’s initial bicycles were made plainly, but these days all of their models are fashionable and cutting-edge. They have numerous outlets around Asia and offer average people high-quality products at reasonable prices. 

6. Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes

One of the few independent Indian brands that has succeeded in making a reputation for itself in the high-end bicycle market is Firefox (there are other brands that spring to mind in this category as well). They were so profitable that Hero Cycles eventually purchased them in 2015.

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7. Ghost Bikes

Ghost Bikes

It is one of the few businesses in the world founded by passionate cyclists. The business was established in North Bavaria in 1993. They have a selection of e-bikes, urban versions, road bikes, mountain bikes, and trekking cycles.  Additionally, they are dedicated to supporting some of the top mountain bike teams and athletes.

8. Kross Cycles

Kross Cycles

First off, the Kross brand of bicycles from Poland has nothing to do with the bicycles you obtain in India. The Hero group’s Kross bicycles are sold in India as a subbrand. This specific brand prioritizes price over the Polish brand. This is not a brand for expert riders; rather, it is aimed at casual or beginner riders.

9. Lapierre Bikes

Lapierre Bikes

The French bicycle brand Lapierre is now well-known across the globe. They have some of the best bikes in the world. They work along with the French cycling team FDJ Jr., who competes in some of the most competitive international races with their bicycle.

10. Mongoose Cycle

Mongoose Cycle

Mongoose is the brand to choose if you’re seeking BMX bicycles. They have a large assortment of BMX bikes. They are renowned for producing dependable and high-quality bicycles. These bicycles allow you to do a variety of feats.


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