7 Paratha places in Delhi NCR to satisfy your mid-day hunger


In India, breakfast may consist of poha, hamburgers, or dosa pao. In Delhi, however, there is only one meal fit for a king: parathas. Fat Punjabi parathas infused with butter, or should We say layered with butter? Stuffed and Aloo parathas are a traditional north Indian dish. You may believe that your mother makes really good parathas, but that’s only since you haven’t experienced the best paratha  Places in Delhi.

Here is a list of the 7 Best Paratha places that will satisfy your Mid-day cravings

  1. MoolChand Parathas

When parathas are this wonderful, sitting under the overpass is just as wonderful as sitting under the moon. They have every type of paratha and they’re all delicious. Moolchand is at the top of our list of the greatest paratha places in Delhi NCR. Their boondi raita is served in a cup and must be ordered with your preferred paratha.  Cheese paratha, keema egg paratha, and chili garlic paratha are some of their unique flavors.


  1. Paranthe Wali Gali

We understand your concern, but this is not the Chandni Chowk tiara. No, this is in West Delhi; they just have the same name, which we don’t bother because they’re so wonderful. Crisp is redefined in their khasta paratha. They’re not new, but people frequently get them mixed up and wind up in Chandni Chowk. But when it comes to food, we don’t make compromises.

Best Parathas in Delhi NCR

  1. Paratha King, Rohini, Delhi

This eatery serves some of the most distinctive paratha variations in Delhi, as well as some of the best. Paratha King specializes in difficult-to-perfect parathas such as noodles paratha, pasta paratha, and gur ka paratha, making it one of the best paratha places in the metropolis.

  1. Prisha Parantha Junction

They’re among the top tier of greatest paratha places for more than one factor. Their flavor is fantastic, but you know what’s even better? Their size. They’ve devised a test for consumers with parathas larger than our bodies. Okay, we’re kidding, but they really feel that way when you look in.


  1. Paranthas 21, Kirti Nagar, Delhi

If you’re searching for a more holistically vegetarian experience, then Parathas 21 is the place to go. They offer parathas loaded with foods typically associated with vegetarianism, such as kali Mirch paratha, corn mushroom paratha, and delicious rabri paratha.


  1. Not Just Paranthas

Not Just Paranthas is dedicated to preserving the spirit of North Indian food. The paratha is a renowned North Indian meal in and of itself, and this eatery combines it with other famous North Indian components such as rajma and papad to produce original rajma parathas and papad parathas, among other dishes.



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  1. Eighteen Paranthe, Yusuf Sarai

While taking large servings of food is often frowned upon, eighteen Paranthe is notorious for serving gigantic parathas that span the entire plate. With a menu full of parathas, try their khoya paratha and chicken paratha for a delectable paratha experience.

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