What Does 11:11 Mean and Why is it Considered Lucky? FAQ’s Related to the Special Number Combination


It’s the 11th of November today. You must be wondering what’s so special about it, it’s a normal date like other dates. But something is different today as the 11th of November has four ones or rather, we say two elevens. According to astrologers, this date is supposed to bring luck for you and your entire family.

This number combination has significance with divine strength and goddesses. It also reminds humans to start listening to their hearts and pay attention to their soul and inner intuition. Earlier, this combination wasn’t popular among people, but the rise in experiences and goodness brought a craze in people.


11:11 Mean

Now, people begin their new ventures or buy things like personal vehicles, gold, etc. at this time. Its significance changes depending upon the region. Like in China, November 11th is celebrated as Singles’ Day. Generally, single people in China take pride in being single, also the Alibaba website offers huge discounts and the best deals on items on this day.

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Does Wish Really Come True on 11:11?

It is not certain that this theory actually works, but many people have believed in this. And, from past experiences, this has been a successful timing for many people as their wish came true. When the clock hits 11:11, people make a wish by closing their eyes.

People generally don’t tell others that what they wished for because it is believed that the wish won’t come true. Because of the number pattern, it is believed that luck is associated with the timing 11:11.

What is so Special About 11/11?

11:11 Mean

A lot of events have taken place in the past that were linked to the time 11:11. That is why numerologists are highly fascinated by this combination. This date is considered as a perfect day for organizing special events like marriages and babies born on this day gets special attention from the media.

What Does 11.11 Wish Mean?

It is believed that wishes made at 11:11 are likely to come true quickly and many positive results have been witnessed. This number combination is believed to be associated with intuition, idealism, and revelation. Also, it is linked with psychic vibrations thus giving psychic awareness to people.

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Is this Number Combination Lucky for You?

Many people believe that this number is linked to angels. The angels send inspiration and encouragement to help you. It is said when the clock hits 11:11, then one should stop their work and recognize the significance of the moment.

One way to consider this number as lucky is when many people do the same thing, that is, making wishes and spreading positive vibrations in the environment then there might be a great chance of this theory being true.

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