How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life For Good


We start our day by complaining about what we don’t have but have you ever wondered how powerful it could be if you start your day with being thankful for what you already have? We mean practicing gratitude.

The pandemic has taken everyone by a storm and there is a surge of negativity in the environment. We’ve already seen a mass population cursing the year 2020 and other things that are wrong in their lives.

This negative wave has left us astray from a good path where we were made to be thanked about the things that we already have or even be grateful. But in times like these, its the need of the hour to do some introspection and retrospection as well. And start to be more grateful for all the things that we still have.


Let’s look at some pointer that how inculcation gratitude in our lives would help us be better and change our lives for good.


Gratitude Kills Negativity

The main emotion that we experience while showing gratefulness is empathy and understanding mixed with praise for someone or something.

We’re feeling good for the things that are bestowed upon us and we’ve so full that we see the need for making a formal thank you to the person or thing.

Which is a naturally happy emotion and it kills negativity. If you ask why so? Then its because that when we are thinking about all the good things in our life, then there is very little room for those negative thoughts that cloud our judgment and makes us feel bad or even judge ourselves.

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Strengthen Bonds

When you’re thanking someone for something that they did towards you then they respond in the same way. And most of the time you end up doing things that affect the other person’s life as well, in return for their kindness and these loops go on continuing.

Which is exactly how you end up making strong bonds with some of the best people that you know. You can rely on them with closed eyes and it’s just that you know in your heart that they would show up for you.


Gratitude Makes You Less Insecure

You start to open up and tell the other person something deep about yourself. And connect them on a spiritual level. It makes strong bonds as we’ve said earlier but it also does one more thing. It removes the fear of being judged as you’re already bowing down to someone else and not out of fear but respect.

It’s a whole other feeling of opening up and being truly free, no sign of being judged, and in turn, kills your insecurities to some extent. You won’t feel shy about extending a helping hand and you won’t shy away from asking for helping us.


Makes You More Likeable 

A person with a positive outlook towards life and always ready for helping others and has the nicest way of thanking everyone around him/her is perceived as more likable naturally.

So, and on the other hand, a pessimist with disbelief in everything is considered to be unlikeable by masses.

This is why you need to show more gratitude for being more likable. But make sure you’re not doing it just to please others and that you’re only doing it for yourself and when you feel like it.

Gratitude Clears Your Focus

You lose negativity and start to feel happy with most of the insecurities/bad feelings flushed out of you. Now, the question is how would you be feeling now?

Naturally, you’d be more focused as you don’t have time for negative thoughts and that good mood of yours will set you up for the task that you really want to finish up.

You need not worry about people and your mind space is clear, which is the exact mindset needs to be focused and churn out some of the best work possible for growth.

Gratitude is the power each one of us can practice, start with little things in your life, bigger things will fall in place on their own. Nothing will give you more confidence than your own thoughts, and when you’re thankful for what you have you’ll be the most confident person you have ever been.

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