Dengue Fever: Know Foods to Eat for Faster Recovery from Dengue


Each year many people get affected by Dengue fever. Also, the government doesn’t miss a chance to aware people of the causes of dengue and how prevention can be done. A common reason for the rise in the breeding of mosquitoes can be an accumulation of water in a particular region.

Stagnant water is enough for mosquitoes to start breeding. In many cases, a lot of people have lost their lives. So, dengue is not something to ignore casually. If you are diagnosed with dengue you need to pay attention to recovery methods.

Dengue Fever: Know Foods to Eat for Faster Recovery from Dengue

Diet plays a major role in your recovery from dengue. You should know what you are eating and what you should eat if you have to recover quickly. For those who consider dengue lightly, we would like to inform you all that it can lead to fever, shivering, severe body aches, loss of appetite, headache, vomiting, and itching on the skin.

Currently, there is no treatment for dengue fever, but its symptoms are curable. So, here are some of the dos and don’ts of the dengue diet for fast recovery.

Diet Tips for Recovery from Dengue Fever

Foods to Eat

  1. Papaya Leaf Juice

Actually, papaya leaf juice is the most reliable and effective remedy for dengue fever. It will help in boosting immunity and increase the platelet count for fast recovery. To get back in shape you can extract some papaya leaf juice and mix some water in it and drink it twice or thrice for phenomenal results.

  1. Vegetable Juices

Dengue Fever: Know Foods to Eat for Faster Recovery from Dengue

Whenever you are in search of essential nutrients then look for vegetables in the refrigerator. Nothing can be rich in essential nutrients other than green leafy vegetables. You can consume the right amount of nutrients by preparing vegetable juice with a mixture of multiple vegetables.

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It will keep you healthy and provide you with the right nourishment for fast recovery. You might not find the taste very pleasing so it will be better to add some lemon juice. Also, adding lemon juice will increase the vitamin C content in your juice.

  1. Coconut Water

Dehydration is common in dengue fever so it is always recommended to drink coconut water. It provides you with the right amount of nourishment for your body and keeps you hydrated all time. The average amount of coconut water a person should drink in dengue fever is two glasses in a day. Also, you can drink coconut water on a regular basis as it keeps your skin healthy and brings a glow to your face.7 Combination of Food Items that Will Help in Speeding Up Your Weight Loss in 1 Month

  1. Herbal Tea

There are many add-ons that you can include in your tea to make it healthier. The most common add-ons in a tea are ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, Liquorice, etc. Along with fast recovery from dengue, herbal tea will also take care of your throat so you won’t catch a cold easily. Its refreshing flavor will also refresh your mind.

  1. Neem Leaves

Dengue Fever

Many people know that neem is used for multiple purposes like in medicines, beauty products, immunity boosters, etc. Researches show that neem leaves are beneficial in treating dengue patients. It stops the spread and growth of the virus. You can always rely on neem leaves for fast recovery.

Foods to Avoid

There are many food items that are inappropriate for dengue fever. These food items will slow down your fast recovery if you will not pay close attention to your diet. Some of the food items that you must avoid are – oily and fried foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, food rich in fats, and spicy food.

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It is also recommended to avoid alcohol during your recovery days. So, you better watch your health and how fast you are getting recovered. Keeping track of your recovery is a must so that you can make necessary changes in your diet according to progress.

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