How To Earn Young And Be Independent.


There are a ton of ways you can become independent and all you have to do is just sit back, fire up your system, learn a simple skill and apply to jobs suiting your skillset.

Mainly we all are acquainted with the first three steps in the process, I mean everybody knows how to fire up their system, not literally though. But we are stuck when it comes to finding suitable jobs for us.

We believe that you are good enough like everybody and can easily learn some new and trending skill like Search Engine Optimization or Digital marketing yourself. We’ll mention a number of platforms instead of where you can really get some utilization of those skills.


Internshala is a fairly easy way to bag some good projects to work upon. The stipend criteria is a little low but it serves well for newbies and can feel pretty rewarding at the start.

There is literally a boatload of internships available in a number of Versaille domains. All you have to do is create a good profile and put in some work towards showing off the skills you have, and there you go.


Freelancer presents us with a market full of a fellow competitor in the same domain and it’s a little daunting for someone starting out fresh. There are jobs which we had to bid upon and if the employer likes our bidding price, skillset and our demands and terms are in accordance in with them, we get hired.

The payout can be really huge sometimes as you are working for employers regardless of geographical boundation and USD to INR conversion rate is high.


It is the best network for a freelancer to work upon till date. The pay scale is fantastic and the kind of work that you get is challenging and fun at the same time. Also, most of the time you get to take freelance projects from foreign clients which provides a big boost to both your profile and confidence rate.

The most difficult part while working on UpWork is getting your profile accepted as a freelancer. They receive a total of 10,000 new profiles every day, upon which they rejected 90 to 95 per cent. Their ideology is to take only the best in the business and you have to be that to get a place at UpWork.


Linkedin is more of a professional kind of networking site and requires you to have a strong resume for you to get noticed by the potential employers. It can definitely land you some jobs if you have an all-star profile, which is basically a fully completed profile with some extra elements such as endorsement from colleagues.

Be sure to put up the right words in your meta description as that is the only way an employer can get you through search results.

Social media


Social media such as facebook, twitter and Instagram have high income generating potential and all you need to have is an account with a good number of followers. The influencer market starts from having at least 10K followers and a pretty good engagement rate of about 5 to 10 percent of your total follower count.

The influencer market is one of the hottest lines you could get in and big brands would come and get you if they see that you have the power to manipulate people’s decision. Remember, never to sell out those products which are actually useless as it will degrade your online reputation and that is all you have.



YouTube is a great platform for anybody who can perform well in front of the camera and have something interesting and fascinating to show to the world.

The video streaming channel pays you for the uniqueness of your content and the metric used for payment is the number of views. Usually, having a foreign audience pays a little more than having a local one due to some of Youtube’s policy.

Many of us, still had that notion that any job where you are not physically present is a hoax and somehow you’ll be mixed up in a Ponzi scheme. But that’s not true at all, Work from home jobs are actually very good and they are equally weighted as any other job.


The benefits of being a freelancer are also there, you can be in a ropeway going across mountains and also working at the same time. Your life becomes a freeway without any restrictions regarding work. All you need to have is a little discipline and a mindset to honor your commitment and you’re good to go. So, stop sulking over empty wallets or almost washed-up bank balance, go out there and get yourself a nice little project.

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