How to Manage Your Diet Plan During the Festive Season

How to Manage Your Diet Plan During the Festive Season

With the upcoming festive season right around the corner, one can’t help but give in to those sweet tooth cravings . It’s but natural to be easily swayed by the appealing visuals of numerous dishes and sweets just one grab away.

However, they may be a way around it if you can’t entirely give up on appeasing your taste buds.

All we have to do is manage our diet plan smartly instead of choosing the rather extremes of either completely giving in or always saying no.

If this is a way major issue perplexing you presently, then you’ve clicked the right link.

Here are a few tips that will help you manage your food intake and prevent you from going overboard.

Manage Diet During Festive Season

To Eat or Not to Eat

First thing’s first. There is absolutely no need to even ponder over this matter. Experts advise you to not skip any meals whatsoever.

If you’re under the impression that skipping a meal will let you munch on your favourite snacks later without feeling guilty, then you’re completely in the wrong.

Missing out on meals is nothing but a quick recipe for disaster. Ultimately, you end up feeling bloated. On top of that, you also tend to overeat, which only leads to excessive consumption of calories as compared to what you’d originally planned to consume.


Add Exercising to Your Routine

The festive season can be pretty hectic, but since you’ll be aware of your schedule beforehand you can always make some room for workouts.

You don’t necessarily have to go all out with high intensity workouts if they don’t suit you. Even simple brisk walking can work its wonders. All you have to do is make some time and be regular at it, especially on the days you’ll be eating out.


Choosing Sweets Wisely

It’s inevitable that you’ll end up consuming sweets during the Diwali season. Nevertheless, you can pick healthier alternatives like home-made recipes so that you have control over the ingredients that go into the making of these sweets.

Avoid other regular desserts like icecreams and donuts that are available all through the year. Take smaller portions and prioritize traditional Indian sweets specific to the festival.

Fried Snacks

As far as deep fried appetizers are concerned, nutriotionists deem it advisable to not reuse the same oil as used to prepare other dishes. It’s also suggested that you don’t use processed oil for the preparation of these dishes.



After relishing all your festive treats, you can take a cup of green tea or ginger tea to help detox the oil and fats consumed all day. Drinking water at regular intervals can also help release toxins from the body.

These are a few general means of keeping yourself from overeating during the Diwali season. At the end of the day, the festival comes to bless us only once a year so don’t hold yourself back to such an extent that you end up regretting it later.

At the same time however, one needs to keep a check on one’s diet plan. Excessive intake of sweets and oily food is detrimental for the heart. Which is why it is your duty to maintain a balance between everything for your own health.

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