Five Ways to Ignite Your Workout Motivation and Endurance in Winters


You can see the transition in the season after Diwali. Chilled breezes have started showing their effects and have brought people under compulsion to start wearing winter clothes. Days have gotten shorter and nights have gotten bigger, making it difficult for some people to get up early in the morning.

Morning chill makes it hard for you to get out of your bed and start off your day with running/jogging or workout sessions. But, did you know that different seasons bring different benefits? Winters are especially known for helping in burning extra calories as compared with the summer season.

workout motivation

Once you start practicing your workout sessions in the winter season, you will realize that your workouts are more effective than last time. If you are aiming to lose extra pounds and shape your belly then it will be better if you start off with morning exercises in the winter season.

There are some ways to make your fitness zest stronger during the winter season. Just follow these to achieve your desired body shape and fitness level.

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Exercises to Boost Your Workout Motivation

  1. Walking/Running/Jogging

Start with any of these whichever suits you at an early stage. If you are willing to run or jog then make sure to find a ground with grass rather than a hard surface like the concrete track. You may not want to settle down with injuries or cramps on your first day.

These are merely cardiovascular activities that help in pumping your heart rate and allow you to warm yourself up for the upcoming workout sessions. Doing such exercises regularly will also help in building up your immunity power.

  1. Stretching

After a long walk or run, your body needs to relax. Stretching can be a great method to ease your muscles. According to the experts, stretching before and after a workout is a must as it readies your muscles and keeps them safe from any injuries or cramps. Also, it helps you in achieving your desired body shape by getting leaner and more toned.Fitness: Stretching To Remain Fit During Lockdown

  1. Surya Namaskar

Also known as Sun Salutation. Surya Namaskar is an old yoga practice that has been a tradition from the old times. It is considered to be a complete body workout and comprises eight different postures, sequenced in a 12-step flow.

It is always better to perform Surya Namaskar early morning as it boosts vitamin D in your body. Not only vitamin D, but it also balances your mental and physical health. Perform these 12-steps cycles at least five times in the morning.

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Workout Motivation

  1. Energy Breathing

You may have heard of pranayama. It is a form of breathing exercise that will enhance your mental and physical health. It shows its effect majorly on your lungs as lungs become capable to store more oxygen and increase lung capacity.

During winters, it is suggested if you perform techniques such as Kapalbharti Pranayama and Khand Pranayama. You can run for long hours if you do breathing exercises before running.

  1. Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a state of being, not doing. So, if you believe that you are doing meditation, then you are wrong. Achieving the state of being in a meditative state is true meditation. There are plenty of techniques that you may wish to start with such as Sthiti Dhyan, Swaas Dhyan, Aarambh Dhyan, etc.

Other than these meditation techniques, there is another technique that you can start within winters to build positivity.

Prarthna Dhyan (Prayerful Meditation)


  • Make yourself comfortable in any sitting position.
  • Join your palms like you do at the time of Namaskar and stick them close to your chest.
  • Close your eyes by keeping your back straight.
  • Frame and repeat positive affirmations aloud or silently.

Relaxation: Clear those accumulated negative thoughts from your mind in Anandasana. Relaxing your body is as important as forcing it to undergo an intense workout for better health.




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