How To Live Longer: Daily Habits Linked With A Longer Lifespan


Many people think that one can determine life expectancy primarily by genetics. However, genes play a much smaller role than initially believed.  Environmental factors like diet and lifestyle play much more prominent roles. 

So, What Can We Do To Live Longer?

Live Longer

1. Regular Physical Exercise

Do you live longer if you work out? Yes! Exercise is a proven way to keep your BMI in the healthy range and staying healthy and a great way to improve your chances of making it to 90 years and beyond.

These 7 lifestyle changes will help you stay healthy and safeguard your mental health

Regular exercise is not only good for the body but also the brain. Studies have shown exercise improves our mood and decreases feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Exercise also keeps our muscles and bones in good working order. 

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and function, leading to an injury or disability. By exercising regularly, you reduce muscle loss, build bone density and maintain strength.

2. Manage Stress

Controlling your stress begins with this critical step. Until you recognize your contributions in creating or maintaining stress, your levels will remain outside your control. Keeping track of the instances when you feel stressed out, evaluate how they made you feel physically and emotionally, take this information, and create an action plan to improve how you deal with the demands.

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3. Maintain Sleep Schedule 

Good sleep improves your mood, your immune system, and even your metabolism. Lack of sleep may increase levels of inflammation and stress hormones in the body. Whatever the reason, each night makes it a habit to get enough sleep to feel refreshed and revived each morning. 

Getting at least six hours of shut-eye each night was necessary for long, healthy life. Any less than that was associated with a 12% increase in mortality risk.

How to Live Longer, Know the Japanese Secret to a Prolonged Life?

Extending life expectancy may not be a worthwhile goal if you do not improve the quality of your lifestyle and health. No one wants to extend their life without maintaining their quality of life simply.


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