Top Skills You Can Learn From Youtube in Lockdown Period


There is no age to learn new skills and in the internet era, there is no such hurdle to learn new skills. You can simply develop or learn new skills from youtube or other internet platforms. Having skills is one thing and having a whole bunch of cool skills that you can boast of in your group is another great investment. Though it may take some time in the end, crossing off some good skills is good to build social skills and confidence to speak among others.

To help you out, we have cluttered the internet and collected some of the best skills you can learn from youtube and give your self a sweet-treat during the lockdown.


Speed Reading

Speed reading is one of the most searched topics on Google. Every year many of us resolve to read good quality books and novels that would change our life. Renowned speed reader and world record holder Tim Ferris share the idea of how you can spend minimum time reading while exposing yourself to it with full concentration.


Learn a new language

Learning a new language may sound lame but studies have shown that bilingual people tend to show a high skill set of imagination and work effectively. Try Duolingo. Duolingo is a popular app that lets you learn new communication skills and writing skills from the app in 30+ languages.

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Organize and declutter your home in 60 minutes

Organizing and maintaining a good home is one of the toughest challenges. The good thing is we have the internet and an ample amount of time. Try the Chinese home decorating method ‘Kon Mari’ style. Hear how famous Chinese entrepreneur Marie Kondo style and give ideas to decorate a home perfectly.

Master PhotoOTIVATshop

Learning how to photoshop is a great skill for newbies who want to go out and grab the attention. Many good resumes include photoshop skills that land them into a good spot. With this short course, learn how you can optimize your creations and get recognized.


Gardening 101: How to grow anything

Maybe you have tried growing everything in your backyard and failed. Don’t worry. It is only because you had some misconceptions about gardening and how to keep your plants growing. This tutorial video shows how you can grow major fruits and vegetables organically and prevent them from decaying.


Gain the skills of humor

Having a good sense of humor is what most of us crave for. In the following tutorial, you will get basic ideas on how to be funnier by keeping yourself alive and sharing general principles with others. And most importantly: not being a creep and an avoiding character.

15 Hilarious Ways To Be Funny


Find your interests, goals, and passion

It is a shameful thing if you never have something to look forward to. Maybe it’s your future, your goals, aim, or your motivation. And people generally dislike such characters who lack such skills to share. Find your perfect goal from the following post and learn more about yourself.

I Don’t Know What to Do With My Life: 5 Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose

Travel like a Minimalist

Traveling is what is put on a hold right now. But our germs of going and exploring ourselves to new places are still with us. The following video shows how to travel with minimum budget and expenses and yet you could have some of the best experiences of your life.

Here are the top 8 social skills you can learn from youtube that one should know to keep your confidence at the toes and be alive and awesome every time.

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