7 Hidden Benefits Of Amla Juice For Human Body

Hidden Benefits Amla Juice

Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the most common food items in our country known for its various benefits. It is found in almost anything you can think of: pickles, juices, dips, and even oils and tea. This pulpy delicious fruit is common to find in Mid-East and Asian countries. 

And being the Ayurvedic Hub in the world, India has foreseen and used Amla as a basic ingredient in regular diet. Furthermore, It is believed to bring some of the best results of vitamins and minerals which are essential for total body growth. 

Not only does it provide a great powerhouse of nutrients but it has been providing essential agents for a longer life span. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of Amla juice that might bring you a great result. 

Benefits Amla Juice

Uses and Benefits of Amla 

Balance The Tri-Dosh

According to Ayurveda knowledge, Amla juice is known to balance all intestinal processes and brings equilibrium to all the three body doshas. The three doshas: Vata, Kapha, and Pitta include our immunity, our strength, and our hormonal balance at tips. 


Rich In Antioxidants

If eaten directly or squashed into a juicy form, Amla is a direct deposit of Vitamin C to your body. It is a natural antioxidant and protects you against harmful effects such as high cholesterol and bad digestion. This makes our blood more clean and free of radicals. 


Makes Our Skin Clear

Interestingly, amla juice has such proportions of nutrients which are needed for collagen production. This production enhances our skin tone and make it clean from pores, rashes, and make it glow. Also, the Indian gooseberry is a prominent part of hair treatment. 

Natural Cleansing of Digestive System 

Amla also manages our gut and brings good bacterias in the digestive system. According to Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, Clinical Operations and Coordination Manager at Baidyanath, having amla juice in your diet reduces any chances of digestive and liver failures. 

Such symptoms are less to find in people who have a regular intake of the fruit. As per the statistics, amla flushes out toxins from our body and provides proper ailment to our diabetes and respiratory infection such as asthma or panic attacks. 


Maintain Hair Growth

Being a natural ingredient, Indian gooseberry is rich in such proteins that correlate to our hair growth. That’s why having a good intake amount of these could prevent hair fall and support scalp and root growth. 


How to take amla into your diet?

There are many ways to add amla into your diet. Experts suggest that having it as the first thing is the most beneficial. You can have a small amount (20ml-25ml) of amla juice with an empty stomach. This is said to be the best way to add it. 

Meanwhile, you could experience a ‘Yuck’ feel while direct consuming. To remove this bitter taste, add one teaspoon of honey or lemon juice and some water to it. This will make it tasteful and more consumable. 

Diabetes patients who want to control their sugar levels can add one spoon of Karela juice (bitter gourd) or Jamun (Indian blackberry) for the best results. Those whose fight is against high cholesterol, adding some aloe vera might bring you the best thing. 

For good eyesight and if you wish to reduce pimples and ill effects of junk food, take one glass of amla juice besides sleeping every night. This should be continued for a 21 day period to notice good outcomes. 

Are there any more side effects of amla juice? 

A safe dosage amount of 1,000 mg of amla juice daily is projected by our experts. Also, people having bleeding disorders are advised to take the fruit with caution. Surgery patients are also cautioned to wait at least 2 weeks after the surgery to consume amla. 

So, here is our top recommendation on why and how you should add this tasteful and staple fruit into your diet and take the baton of good body health into your hands. 

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