10 Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation


If you are a UPSC aspirant then you must know that each second and minute of your life during the preparation phase is complete gold. There are times when a UPSC aspirant may not want to read or solve questions but have to because one can’t afford to lose time. However, with the rise of the best Youtube channels for UPSC preparation now you can afford to look away from the books. Learning through videos is one of the most effective ways to understand concepts and remember them. Some of the best teachers for UPSC preparation are now offering free insights into their journey and helping people prepare for their ultimate test with carefully planned video guides on YouTube. Here we have selected some of the best YouTube channels that you must follow for UPSC preparation.

Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation

10 Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation

1- Drishti IAS


Drishti IAS is a well know institute that has been helping UPSC aspirants crack the toughest exam in India for quite a few years now. Now, Drishti IAS has started a channel that has quickly become one of the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation. You can find the best teacher for UPSC preparation on their channel teaching things in a simple and effective manner. It is a must-follow YouTube channel for UPSC aspirants.

2- AbhijeetY

AbhijeetY is certainly one of the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation. The channel creator is an effective teacher who will guide you through your journey of cracking UPSC. He has shared some of the finest videos that will help you in conducting the preparation for UPSC in a planned manner. Also, he offers a full one-on-one specialised course if you want to opt for a paid membership.

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3- Vision IAS

Vision IAS claims that it is India’s premier research, and training institution, which continuously innovates to help Civil Service aspirants actualize their dreams through ‘integrated efforts’ of an Interactive learning system, Team work, Technology & Innovation. Their claim is supported by the 1.53 million subscribers that they have on their YouTube channel. They upload mock UPSC preparation interviews that will certainly help you. This is surely one of the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation.

4- Manuj Jindal IAS

What’s better than learning from a person who has already cracked the UPSC exam? Manuj Jindal an IAS has authored books on UPSC preparation and is now helping UPSC aspirants to crack the exam. His YouTube channel offers real insight into how to sort out your syllabus and deal with the pressure of studies and more. He is one of the best motivational teachers for UPSC on YouTube. If you are serious about your dreams of becoming an IAS then this is one of the best YouTube channels to follow for UPSC preparation.

5- Study IQ

Keeping yourself updated with the latest news and all kinds of general affairs is one of the keys to acing the UPSC mains and interview. Study IQ is a trusted platform that delivers all the news from all over the world that is asked in competitive exams. Even if you are preparing for other exams with UPSC then this YouTube channel would prove to be useful for you.

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6- Josh Talks UPSC

Sometimes we don’t need the bombardment of knowledge from all spheres. There are moments when we are looking for inspiration and motivation to keep sticking to our dreams. This YouTube channel in particular is about that motivation. The best teachers of UPSC preparation available here will motivate you to pursue your dream of being an IAS or IPS officer. Certainly one of the best Youtube channels for UPSC preparation.


I guess it is already clear from the name of this YouTube channel what they are aiming to do. They help you prepare for the UPSC and PCS examinations. The channel is regularly updated with videos which keep you informed about what you need to keep your focus on. Surely, one of the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation. They have the best teachers for UPSC aspirants.

8- Unacademy UPSC

Unacademy is one of the most popular platforms in India for learning all kinds of things. They hire teachers on the basis of their qualifications and aptitude by conducting an interview and written test. This makes this channel a reliable source that can guide you in your UPSC journey. Also, Unacademy has videos on almost any subject that you can come across in UPSC. This is personally our favourite on this list of best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation.

9- Prabhat Exam

Another great YouTube channel for UPSC preparation, the Prabhat Exam is constantly updated with new videos almost every day which makes it one of the best sources of learning about new things that might be asked in your UPSC prelims of mains. Also, they have other channels where they teach about other government exams as well. You can check them out as well.

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10- Drishti IAS English

Last but not least on the list of best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation is Drishti IAS English. We have already listed one Drishti IAS YouTube channel but this one is for those who prefer learning in the English language. From mock IAS interviews to reliable teachers they have it all that will help you prepare for UPSC.


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