10 Toughest Exams to Crack in India

Here are the hardest exams in India in 2024


Indian exams like UPSC, CAT, GATE, IIT JEE and others are recognised as amongst the world’s toughest exams to crack. Thousands of Indian students register every year for these exams and only a handful could achieve the success. There is no doubt that India is home to a whole lot of talent which has normalised the exams tough as these. No other country in the world has such tough examinations for their students and probably that’s why the leading CEOs and founders have started to emerge from India in the 21st century. This article covers the toughest exams in India that could only be cleared by unfathomable grit and determination.

10 Toughest Exams to Crack in India

1. UPSC- Civil Services Examination


The UPSC exam is super tough because it tests a wide range of knowledge and skills, from history and current affairs to critical thinking and decision-making. Plus, there’s a lot of competition, with thousands of people aiming for just a few spots. It requires tons of preparation, dedication, and perseverance to crack it.


The IIT JEE exam is considered super tough because it covers a vast amount of complex topics in physics, chemistry, and math. Plus, the questions are designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. With millions of students competing for a limited number of seats, the competition is fierce, making it one of the toughest exams to crack in India.

3. Chartered Accountant (CA) Exam

The CA exam is really tough because it requires a deep understanding of accounting, taxation, and financial laws. You have to study a lot and be super focused because even small mistakes can cost you. Plus, there are multiple levels of exams, each one harder than the last. It takes a ton of dedication and hard work to pass. CA is surely one of the toughest exams to crack in India in 2024.


The GATE exam is considered tough because it covers a wide range of technical subjects like engineering, mathematics, and science. Plus, it’s not just about memorizing stuff; you need to understand concepts deeply and apply them to solve problems. The competition is also intense, with many smart people from all over India taking the exam. So, to crack it, you need serious preparation and a strong grasp of your field. GATE is probably the toughest engineering exam in the entire world.

5. CAT

The CAT exam is tough because it tests your aptitude in areas like mathematics, English, and logical reasoning. It’s not just about knowing the answers; you have to be quick and accurate in solving complex problems. Plus, the competition is fierce, with thousands of people aiming for a limited number of spots in top management schools. So, cracking CAT requires a lot of preparation, practice, and sharp thinking.


NEET is super important because it’s the main medical entrance exam accepted by lots of colleges all over India. It tests you on subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology to see how well you understand them and if you’re ready for medical studies. If you do well in NEET, you can get into top medical colleges where you’ll learn to help people through healthcare, research, and making society healthier.

7. CLAT Exam

The CLAT exam is one of the toughest exams to crack in India because it tests your understanding of subjects like English, math, and legal aptitude. There are a lot of tricky questions, and you have to be quick and accurate. Plus, there’s tough competition, with many students gearing up for limited spots in top law schools. So, cracking CLAT requires serious preparation and sharp thinking.

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8. NDA Exam

The NDA exam is super tough because it’s not just about academics; it also tests your physical fitness and personality. You need to be strong both mentally and physically to pass. Plus, there’s a lot of competition, with many people wanting to join the prestigious National Defence Academy. So, to crack it, you have to be really prepared and determined. At this point, it’s easy to say that no exam in India is simple to crack.

9. ISS Exam

The ISS Exam by UPSC is a big deal because it picks people for statistical jobs in the Indian government. It tests your math and analytical skills to make sure you’re ready to handle stats stuff for different government departments. If you pass the ISS Exam, you get to join the Indian Statistical Service. You’ll help gather and explain data that helps the government make important decisions. ISS Exam is without a doubt one of the toughest exams to crack in India.

10. National Institute of Design Entrance Exam

The National Institute of Design Entrance Exam is a test to get into the National Institute of Design, where you learn about design and creativity. It checks your skills and creativity to see if you’re ready for the program. Only a handful, creative individual could crack this tough exam.

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