9 Extreme Symptoms That Relay Heart Problems in the Elderly People

Heart problems


Generation-X are known for their utter dismal when it comes to looking after their health and going through regular check-ups. Diseases like heart problems are not directly connected to our lifestyle but genetics and age, although they claim to have eaten healthier food and led a clean lifestyle,

If your parents are above 50 and have any minor issues related to the heart problems such as high BP and problems in breathing, make them visit a doctor immediately.

To help you analyze the situation more deeply, we’ve narrowed down 9 extreme-case symptoms in adults that pose heart problems. You need to pay heed to do these and make sure the elders at your home get it treated immediately.Healthy Habits: Habits You Need To Change After Having a Heart Attack

Heart problems

High BP:

Everyone knows what irregular blood pressure can do to your heart. To avoid any such encounters of heart failures due to high BP, make sure the elders above 50 at your home are regularly checking their BP or at least once in 15 days.

Respiratory issues:

The blood pumped from the heart determines the ease of breathing in one. If your heart is not pumping blood properly, you will most probably suffer from breathing difficulties and need immediate medical attention, especially in this pandemic.

Chest pain:

Chest pains these days have been normalized. It is inherently wrong to assume chest pains as a result of acidity or gastric issues. If an elderly person is having a squeezing chest pain which is extremely uncomfortable, the he/she needs to see a doctor immediately as it could be an outcome of their arteries being blocked. Young children are prone these circumstances and hence it shouldn’t be ignored.

High cholesterol:

There’s a reason why elders have to consume healthier diets as they age. It is a must that you keep regular checks on what type of foods the elders in house consume and check their cholesterol levels to make sure it is under control. Increased cholesterol levels are fatal as induce plaque in the arteries which cause heart problems.

Throat and Jaw pain:

Beware! if your parents are experiencing throat or jaw pain incessantly, they need medical attention. It can be an early symptom for an impending heart attack.

Excessive Sweating:

If the elders in your households sweat profusely even while under a fan, their body is sending out warning signals that it is not able to pump the blood properly in the system.

Swollen feet, legs and ankles:

swelling in feet, ankles and legs are another symptom of your heart not pumping blood properly and need to be addressed immediately to a doctor.

Dizziness and blackouts:

High BP is not the only serious case scenario of heart problems. Low BP can equally collapse you blood system and decrease the level of blood pumped into the system. Usually dizziness and blackouts are common symptoms of low BP. These cases need immediate medical attention and cannot be withheld.

High blood-sugar:

Checking the blood sugar levels in elders above 50 on a regular basis is crucial as a spike in its level would increase the risk of coronary artery disease which in-turn would hamper the functioning of blood vessels in our system.

So folks, Elders are going to remain passive-aggressive about this matter. It is upon us youngsters to be responsible enough to take care our loved ones and lead them towards the right path.

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