15 Indian Army Hairstyle for the Tough Look

Top 15 Fresh Indian Army Hair Style


The Indian Army is known for its discipline, bravery, and tough appearance. Along with their impressive uniforms and combat skills, the hairstyles of Indian Army personnel also contribute to their rugged and formidable look. These hairstyles are not only practical but also exude a sense of professionalism and military precision.

15 Indian Army Hairstyle for the Tough Look

In this article, we will explore 15 Indian Army hairstyles that are popular among soldiers for achieving that tough and commanding look. So, whether you’re seeking a bold and authoritative look or simply want to pay homage to the valour of the Indian Army, these military-inspired hairstyles will help you achieve a tough and commanding appearance that embodies the spirit of the armed forces.


Indian Army Hairstyle for the Tough Look

1. Crew Cut

Indian Army Hairstyle: Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic military hairstyle. It involves cutting the hair very short on the sides and back while leaving it slightly longer on top. This low-maintenance style is perfect for soldiers on active duty.

2. High and Tight

High and Tight

Similar to the crew cut, the high and tight hairstyle features very short sides and back, but with an even shorter length on the top. It creates a clean and sharp look, ideal for soldiers in the field.

3. Induction Cut

Induction Cut

Also known as the “bald fade,” the induction cut involves shaving the entire head. This ultra-short hairstyle requires minimal maintenance and is favoured by soldiers for its simplicity and functionality.

4. Undercut


The undercut is characterized by closely shaved or trimmed sides and a longer length on top. It provides a stylish and edgy look while still maintaining a disciplined appearance.

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5. Slicked Back

 Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle involves combing the hair back with the help of gel or pomade. It gives a neat and sophisticated appearance, suitable for formal military occasions.

6. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is achieved by trimming the hair uniformly short all over the head. This low-maintenance style is popular among soldiers for its practicality and ease of upkeep.

7. Flat Top

Flat Top

The flat top haircut features a horizontal, flat shape on the top of the head, achieved by cutting the hair to a uniform length and styling it upright. This hairstyle is both distinctive and commanding.

8. Regulation Cut

 Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a traditional military hairstyle that involves tapered sides and a slightly longer length on top. It provides a polished and disciplined look, suitable for soldiers in various roles.

9. Mohawk


The Mohawk is a bold and daring hairstyle in which the hair is shaved or trimmed short on the sides, leaving a strip of longer hair in the centre. While not as common in the Indian Army, it can be seen among certain specialized units.

10. Ponytail


For soldiers with longer hair, a ponytail is a practical and efficient way to keep the hair off the face and maintain a disciplined appearance. It is often used by soldiers during field operations.

11. French Braid

Indian Army Hairstyle

The French braid is a stylish and functional hairstyle that involves weaving the hair into a tight braid. This method keeps the hair secure and neat, making it suitable for female soldiers in the Indian Army.

12. Bun


A bun is a classic and elegant hairstyle for women in the military. It involves twisting the hair into a neat coil at the nape of the neck. This style ensures the hair stays off the face and maintains a professional look.

13. Side Part

Side Part

The side part is a simple yet refined hairstyle. It involves parting the hair on one side and combing it neatly to the opposite side. This versatile style is suitable for soldiers in various roles.

14. Taper Fade

 Taper Fade

The taper fade is a modern variation of the crew cut. It involves gradually reducing the hair length from the top to the sides and back. This style offers a clean and sharp appearance.

15. Comb-over


The comb-over hairstyle involves combing the hair to one side, creating a sleek and polished look. It is a professional and mature style that is favoured by soldiers in formal settings.


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