Dengue Fever On The Rise: Symptoms, When To Be Serious, and Preventions


Dengue Fever is one of the mosquito-borne diseases that attacks a significant chunk of the Indian population every year—the reason being the unhygienic conditions of the Indian surroundings that helps these mosquitos to breed.

While we cannot really control the roads and the pits of salty water dumped for days serving as the fermenting factory for mosquitoes, we can surely tell you how to prevent yourself from the same.


Starting with the common symptoms for an individual that might be affected by mosquitos, here we go.

Dengue Fever On The Rise: Symptoms, When To Be Serious, and Preventions

Symptoms of Dengue

If you’re having any of the following symptoms for an extended period of time, then you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Headache
  • Pain in the muscles, bones, or joints\
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Swollen glands
  • Rash

Now, wait, these are all common symptoms and might resemble a normal cold or seasonal fever as well, right?

Yes! It’s true, which is why Dengue can also be easily treated, such as a cold or fever. But the case becomes worst if you’re having severe Dengue, dengue hemorrhagic fever, or dengue shock syndrome.

In such cases, the blood vessels become broken and leaky, you lose platelets, and you start forming clots. That’s when it becomes dangerous. Along with all that, you’ll lose all the energy, which is the obvious second step to catching an illness.

How To Identify Severe Dengue Fever?

While Dengue fever can rapidly turn and change shape, figuring out you have it is the real hard game. In order to do the same, you have to look out for some signs in your body such as follows:

  • Extreme stomach ache
  • Vomiting that persists
  • Bleeding from the gums or the nose
  • Blood in your pee or vomiting
  • Bleeding beneath the skin, which may seem as bruises
  • Breathing that is difficult or rapid
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability or agitation

How To Prevent Dengue Fever?

Well! Start with keeping your environment clean and all better. Then you can switch to eating healthy and making sure that your immune system is in a condition to fight the Dengue bacteria very efficiently.

Moreover, you can also get yourself vaccinated if you have ever got dengue in the past. The vaccine Dengvaxia is administered in three doses over the course of one year.


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