Top Benefits Of Curry Leaves You Were Unaware Of

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves is something which is considered to be an integral part of Indian cuisine. The leaves can be collected from the Curry Tree, which has an Indian native.

Now, going by current times, its vastly used for bringing a different flavor to our food specially kadhi, pulao, daals, and many other dishes. Its quite prominently used in the south Indian cuisine.

Curry Leaves

In the olden times, when Ayurveda was prominent, these leaves were used for their medicinal properties. And there are definitely many such properties. Some of those are as follows:

Rich Plant Compound

The Curry leaves contain some plant compounds such as including linalool, alpha-terpinene, myrcene, mahanimbine, caryophyllene, murrayanol, and alpha-pinene.

They help to reduce the toxic effects by functioning as Antioxidants. Which is make our digestive system better by decreasing the amount of ongoing oxidation which is responsible for the production of free radicals.

These free radicals carry on chemical reactions waiting for the body eventually harming it from inside and can cause heart problems, cancer, and more.

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Neuroprotective Properties

Curry leaves contain a substance that can reduce the risk to your neuro system and as already states it reduce the oxidative damage. But this time we’re talking about the oxidative damage repair of the brain.

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are caused by regular oxidative brain damage and damage to the neuro system as well. It can save you from this kind of severe disease.


Reduce Risk Of Heart Diseases

The curry leaves when ingested can help reduce the high cholesterol and triglyceride levels inside the body. Both these are two major reasons for causing heart disease and may lead up to severe cases such as having a heart attack as well.


Controls Blood Sugar

It reduces blood sugar and it is recommended by the doctor that a diabetic person should intake curry leave extract. You can mix the exact with other things with similar properties to make a healthy smoothy. Although it would be a nasty tasting smoothie.

Reduce The Chances of Cancer

Through various research, it proved that the curry leaves extract help in fighting against cancer cells. Especially, the curry leaves grown in Malaysia showed that they are very potent in fighting against cancer cells.

Along with antioxidative properties, it also contains quercetin, catechin, rutin, and gallic acid which help fight against harmful cancers cells. So, adding curry leaves in your meals is not a bad idea at all, even if you don’t like the taste.

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