How to Make Your Day More Productive By Planning Your Day


Productivity is something that everyone seeks, as its the only way you can reach your highest potential, and planning your day in advance can help you to increase your productivity. But being a productive machine is not something that comes naturally to most people.

While every other procrastinator wishes for it. There are some out there who are proactively doing whats needed to be done. And these people usually end up articulating their methods, which are then distributed in the name of quick tips and tricks.

Now, there’s something called planning your day ahead in advance and everyone who needs to be productive should follow this blindly. The reason being explained in the pointer to be followed:

Planning Your Day

Mental Clarity

Before initiating any task, you need to have mental clarity. And mental clarity rose from topics like, why you’re doing what you’re doing, its importance, and how you’re going to accomplish the task.

This is why a night before while making the list, you need to set a deadline for every task and arrange them according to priority. So, that you can get to the most important task of the day early during the day.


Task Priority

Now, you’ve already set up tasks according to priority. The way it works is like a boss giving you orders that you need to finish that particular task before moving on to others.

And we have a habit of pushing the task which is hard or somewhat needs more attention from us, at the end of the queue. Which is why it gets delayed and pushed back in the timeline further down below.


Sense Of Urgency

Deadlines are nothing but a means of creating a sense of urgency. This is why most deadlines range from 24 hrs to max up to three days, even if the project requires more time than that.

The reason behind that is, during the time that is allotted for the deadline, we usually slack off in the first of the deadline and start working towards the end. So, having tight deadlines surely helps.

And setting deadlines helps because for being productive and making sure all your tasks for the day are completed, you need that kind of urgency. That is something you do a day before for each of your tasks before going to bed so that you can start working on a task without wasting any time of the day.


Feeling Of Achievement

At the end of the day, when everything is crossed off from your checklist, you get a sense of achievement which is lacking when you don’t have a checklist.

The power of keeping metrics or interacting with analytics is that it shows where we lack and also, gives us a morale boost when we can see us growing.


How to Plan a For The Next Day Before Hitting The Bed

  1. List down everything that you need to do the next day.
  2. Set deadlines for the task.
  3. Now, assign priority according to the deadline and difficulty of the task.
  4. The task with short or upcoming deadlines and harder in difficulty should be moved up the priority list.
  5. If you can then also make a full day plan of what you’re going to do and fix your task inside that schedule. Making sure that you’ll not miss out on activities of daily life and also get your work done simultaneously.

Reach to your fullest capacity by planning your day in advance and it’s okay don’t go crazy if you can’t follow it sometimes because it’s okay to be free at times but planning your day can help you to increase your accountability with yourself. Go plan your schedule!

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