8 Fiber Rich Foods That You Need To Add To Your Diet Right Now

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber rich foods are one of the most prominent parts of a healthy diet. This non-digestible, plant-derived carbohydrate comes in two forms- soluble and insoluble. As the name suggests, soluble fibers mix with water from the food you eat and result in the formation of a good bacteria gel in the stomach.

This particular gel helps your body to prevent any unwanted food components to get absorbed by the body and result in an unwanted condition. Eating regular fiber rich foods also helps you to regulate the speed of digestion and keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Despite its numerous abilities, many of us lack a good and healthy diet which contains a strong proportion of fiber. So to help you out, here are the top high-fiber foods that are both healthy and satisfying and you can consume them every day.

Fiber Rich Foods

1. Avocados

Avocado is by far the most commonly consumed fruit when it comes to fiber. Unlike most of the fruits, avocados are loaded with healthy fats and are a rich source of vitamin C, E, B, potassium, and magnesium which are essential for complete body growth.

2. Carrots

These crunchy, long vegetables are a rich potent of vitamin K, vitamin B6, magnesium, and beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that gets turned into vitamin A in your body. You can or 2.8 grams per 100 grams which is quite high given their low-calorie content.

3. Broccoli

A type of cruciferous vegetable, Broccolis are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. They are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin C, K, B folate, potassium, iron, manganese, and essential potent cancer-fighting nutrients.

4. Lentils

One of the cheapest investment you can go for, lentils are a very high source for protein and are loaded with many important nutrients. A 100-gram intake of lentils in your daily diet can give you almost 7.9 grams of fiber.

5. Quinoa and Oats

Quinoa and Oats are among the top recommendations when it comes to fiber-rich food items. These grain foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants. Oats also contain Beta-Glucan soluble fiber which controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

6. Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are a century-old source for those who crave a smooth digestive system. Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin B1 and B6, folate, alpha-linolenic acid. These are plant-based omega-3 fatty acids which help in building muscles and toning body shape.

7. Sweet Potatoes

A derivative of the traditional potato, the sweet potato is a popular tuber that delivers a delicious sweet flavor. It is high in Beta-Carotene, B vitamins, and various other minerals that ensure an overall fiber requirement for your body.

8. Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate. This delicious bite of cocoa hides a variety of beneficial ingredients in itself. They are surprisingly high in nutrients and are one of the most antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

Here are the top eight fiber rich food items that you can eat every day and make your body fit, healthy, and nurturing.

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