COVID-19: The US Imposing Restrictions on from India, starting from Tuesday Midnight


The number of COVID-19 cases in India is rising every day and that time has arrived in the nation where everyone is helpless. That is why, after witnessing the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in India, US decides to impose restrictions on travel from India, starting from May 4, 2021 (Tuesday). And, this official announcement was made by Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday.

In her official statement, she said “We have come to a solution after hearing the advice of the CDC (Centres for Disease Control), our COVID-19 experts, medical experts, and national security advisors – from Tuesday onwards travel restrictions will come into force for India”.

Harris added more while visiting Cincinnati, “I will say again, we as a country will always stand beside India to help and have made a commitment to the people of India to support them.”

“We have made a commitment to help our fellow Indians in terms of the dollar amount that will be sanctioned for PPE (personal protective equipment) and other things too. My prayers and best wishes are always with those who are suffering from the pandemic”, she added.

COVID-19: The US Imposing Restrictions on from India, starting from Tuesday Midnight

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When President Joe Biden’s spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked the reason for imposing restrictions, then he replied, “Restrictions were being imposed because of the huge rise in the COVID-19 cases and multiple variants circulating in India.”

Another official statement also released that non-US citizens (except US legal immigrants) will not be allowed to enter back into the United States if they have to other countries under the restrictions in the past 14 days.

The above-said restriction is meant for South Africa, China, Iran, Britain, Ireland, Brazil, and other 29 countries belonging to the common visa zone known as the Schengen Area.

This restriction is not meant for US citizens, diplomats. and legal residents and their immediate family members, but they have asked to follow precautions and preventive measures in order to keep themselves safe.

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Before the restriction was announced, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zientsin said, “We are continuously monitoring the situation in terms of travel from India and we remain in touch with our foreign counterparts.”

On Thursday, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price mentioned in a conference that the Biden administration was sending COVID relief aid worth $100 million.

Even two planeloads full of oxygen cylinders, rapid diagnostic tests, and N95 masks are being sent to provide protection to frontline workers sent to India.


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