UIDAI Allows to Issue Aadhaar Card for New Born Baby. Checkout How to Apply


Aadhaar is basically a 12-digit unique identification number of a citizen of India., issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It mainly consists of demographic and biometric records of a person in the form of identity proof which includes the name, address, contact details, and photographs of the holder. Its value and importance can be understood as UIDAI has allowed the Aadhaar card for newborn baby as well. In order for applying for the Aadhaar card of a minor or a newborn baby, no biometric will be done in that case.

How to apply for Aadhaar card of a newborn baby

In order to apply for a newborn Aadhaar card, its Unique Identification is processed on the demographic details and the facial picture is linked with the UID of its parents. But, as soon as, the child turns 5 years old, he/she has to apply for 10 fingers biometric and update his/her Aadhaar card.

The photo of the baby can later be updated when he/she will turn 15. So, it is the duty of the parents to remember when to take their kid to the enrolment center to make the necessary updates according to the child’s age.

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Parents who do not want to wait for their baby to turn 5 and then visit the enrolment center, can apply both online and offline for an Aadhaar card just after the baby gets born. If the parents will go for the offline process, then they have to visit the nearest enrolment center and carry some important documents.

How to apply for Aadhaar card of a newborn baby

The UIDAI allows only apply for Aadhaar card of the newly born baby. In order to apply for the Aadhaar card, the applicants have to visit the UIDAI website, click on the registration link, and start filling in the required details.

Step by step guide:

  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI – www.uidai.gov.in.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Aadhaar Card Registration’ link on the home page.
  3. Fill up the required details like the name of the child, parent’s phone number, e-mail ID, etc.
  4. After getting done with the primary details, now comes the secondary details box which demands address, locality, district, state, and other demographic information related to the newborn baby.
  5. Click on the ‘Fix Appointment’ button.
  6. Next, you will be asked to schedule the date of the Aadhaar card registration of the newly born.
  7. Finally, you have to select the nearest Aadhaar enrolment center to proceed further.

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It is requested that parents should check the date of birth of their newborn baby before submitting the online form and scheduling the meeting for the Aadhaar card because the details can be updated or changed only once.

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