5 Ways of Staying Positive In The Times of This Wave of COVID


The second wave of the corona is hitting us hard and we’re experiencing problems like we’ve seen the last year. Now, as we’re going in and out of lockdown situation whether it be the night curfews, weekend lockdowns, or complete lockdown, the mental health of those locked up is also deteriorating.

But we can turn this around by making our lockdown  better with some simple ideas and tricks. So, here are 5 things you can do to make your lockdown better.


Learn a New Hobby

When you have an ample amount of time on your hand and you don’t have to go out then it’s the perfect time to learn something new instead of scrolling that Insta feed all day long. Yes! keeping yourself busy with something of your interest is the best remedy of them all, don’t you agree?

Whether it be dancing, getting trophies in online multiplayer games, or just being better in a foreign language to understand better, you can do it all now that you have ample time.


Cook, Share and Spread Love

Cooking is something that gives us the joy of creating and also fills up our belly with good taste. So, just like the last lockdown where we indulge ourselves with Dalgona coffee, pans puri, homemade momos, and much more, we can repeat the same.

Make something new that you like into a trending dish and get some attention on social media. Just a fun fact, there has been a tremendous amount of hike in the followers of social media/youtube personalities during the last lockdown.

So, this time you can be the one bringing in the traffic, don’t you think that be a good idea?


Get Back In Shape

Getting back in shape is something that we all wanted but due to not having ample amount of time and daily distraction, most of all put it on the least importance on our list. Now, you have the time, and what’s better than a beach body that you can show off after the lockdown ends.

Workout Tips For Your Lockdown Fitness Goals


Work on Your Passion Project

Everybody wants to do something that they know they’re good at but pursuing that same thing will need time and effort. Whether you wanted to start a business, youtube channel, start tutorial on platforms like UnAcademy, and more. You can do it all in the given free time.

Top Skills You Can Learn From Youtube in Lockdown Period

Entertainment Is a Must

Don’t bore yourself with the social media endless scroll game but watch or read something good this time. Yes! Entertainment is a must-have and you should get some.

Finish your top 10 movies list or crosscheck all the best books to read ever from the Goodreads platform. You have all the time in the world.

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