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10 Day Quarantine

British Government Lifts Off ’10 Day Quarantine Rule’ For Arriving Indian Tourists

There was a heavy debate going on about the Covid-19 protocols for arriving Indians in the UK, which ended with all the unfair SOP's...
Mental Health

World Mental Health Day Special: How To Identify Individual With Mental Illness and What...

Mental health is a very vast subject, and it cannot be covered under an article of merely eight paragraphs, but we'll still try. Now, If...

Indian Govt. Announced 10-day Mandatory Quarantine for All UK Travelers, Irrespective of Vaccination

The implementation of new regulations will be in effect from October 4, 2021. There could be a simple reason behind this, that is, the...
Hotstar To Merge Its Content With Hulu and ESPN+ For US Audience

Hotstar To Merge Its Content With Hulu and ESPN+ For US Audience

Hotstar is known to have great marketing strategies when it comes to collaborations. This time they are doing the same by collaborating with two...
World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day 2021: History, Theme, Significance, and All You Need to Know

September 28 is a day of celebration of World Rabies Day to aware the public about rabies infection and mark the death anniversary of...