Steps On How To Change Color on Instagram DMs


Instagram recently launched a new feature that will now allows you to change the Instagram color theme on DMs the way you want. This new feature comes as a surprise after Instagram introduced the app icon feature.

While many Instagram users are quite excited with this new feature, many are not able to understand how to change chat color in Instagram. Just read this article carefully if you are facing such issues.

Instagram is slowly rolling out the new Instagram chat theme feature which will allow you to choose colors for your Instagram DMs apart from the classic white and night mode. This means your Instagram Message color will look exactly like you want it. Follow the instructions given below to start changing your chat color right away.

Step by Step on how to change chat theme color on Instagram

  • Go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store to update your Instagram to the latest version.
  • Now, as soon as you open the Instagram DM section, you will see a prompt message. This will let you know about the new Instagram Message update.
  • Then, Open an Instagram DM.
  • Click on the ‘i’ (info) button at the top right corner of your app screen.
  • Scroll through the chat settings, there you will find the Instagram Chat “Themes” button.
  • Click on “Themes” and choose the theme you want to use.

This Instagram Update brings several themes like Pride, love or tie-dye, and you can have a different color scheme for every person you message. An important point to remember is that every time you change the Instagram chat theme, the other user will be notified each time.

For example, if you change the Instagram color theme 3 times, the other user will receive three notifications.

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