Jio Launched Made In India JioPages Browser. Checkout Features


In a major update to Digital India, Reliance Jio today announced the launch of its Made In India browser called JioPages. It supports multiple languages apart from English as default languages for browser

“JioPages is built on the powerful Chromium Blink engine. It provides enhanced browsing experience through faster engine migration, webpage rendering, faster page loads, efficient media streaming, Emoji domain support and encrypted connection,” Jio said in a statement.

Jio Launched Made In India JioPages Browser

The JioPages browser also supports eight Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

Here’s a look at the key features of JioPages browser:

1. Personalized Home Screen

Users have the option of setting any of the leading search engines in the market such as Google, Bing or Yahoo as their default search engine. They could also save the links of their favorite websites on the home screen for useful and easy access.

2. Customized Content

The content feed is customized to suit the user’s preference in terms of language, topic and region. In addition to this, JioPages sends notifications only on topics that are either useful or of interest to the user.

3. Personalized theme

Users could choose from a variety of colorful background themes to enhance browsing experience. They could also switch to ‘Dark mode’ for an eye-friendly viewing experience at night.

4. Informative Cards

An Informative Card captures key numbers, trends, symbols or headlines of a given topic, for e.g. stock market trends, commodity prices or cricket score, and displays them as compact clickable banners on the screen.

5. Support Multiple Languages

The browser supports eight Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. Users also have the option of customising the content feed according to their preferred state. Upon selecting a state, the popular sites of the state start appearing on the screen.

6. Advanced Download Manager

The browser automatically categorize downloads according to the file type, i.e. Image, Video, Document or Pages. This makes file management easier for the user.

7. Incognito Mode (Private Mode)

The Incognito mode or the private mode enables private browsing by preventing browsing history from being saved in the device. On JioPages, user has the option of setting a four-digit security PIN or fingerprint as an access code to the Incognito mode.

8. Ad Blocker

The browser blocks unsolicited ads and popups to provide the user a seamless browsing experience

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How to download Jio browser in your mobile:

JioPages is currently available only on Android Smartphones. It is not yet available for iPhone users. Search JioPages on Play Store and download the same.


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