5 Best Ways to Avoid Instagram

Here's how to fight the Instagram addiction


Instagram addiction is probably the most dangerous productivity hampering addiction in the town right now. Reels have taken over the world and people are spending hours every day watching things which do not even mean anything to them. People are trying to find ways to reduce their daily time on Instagram but the urge to watch a few reels continues to hamper their measures to tackle the Instagram addiction. Here, we have covered the five best ways with which you can fight the Instagram addiction.

5 Best Ways to Avoid Instagram

Monitor Your Usage:

Reflect on how much time you spend on Instagram daily. If it exceeds an hour, you might be addicted. Addicted users often scroll through their feeds or look at other people’s posts for extended periods.


Pay attention to how you feel when you’re not on Instagram. If you experience anxiety or stress, it could be a sign of addiction.

Identify Your Triggers:

Understand what prompts you to open Instagram. Is it boredom, loneliness, or procrastination? Once you recognize your triggers, you can actively avoid them.

When you feel bored, try engaging in other activities that occupy your time and provide fulfillment.

Set Limits:

Establish boundaries for Instagram usage. Decide how much time you’ll allow yourself on the app each day and stick to it.

Use features like screen time limits or app usage trackers to enforce these limits.

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Follow Fewer People:

Be mindful of the accounts you follow. Following too many people can overwhelm you and make Instagram feel like a chore.

Consider unfollowing accounts that post irrelevant content or don’t genuinely interest you.

Rearrange Your Home Screen:

Move the Instagram app icon to a less prominent location on your phone’s home screen.

By making it less accessible, you’ll be less likely to open the app impulsively.


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