Sony Speakers With up to 30 Hours Battery Life Launched in India


Sony has released many wireless speakers in India. These speakers include Sony SRS-XP700, Sony SRS-XP500, and Sony XG500.

sony speakers


These speakers come with the company’s signature Mega Bass. These also help in enhancing the bass effect. Moreover, Karaoke and a guitar amplifier require this Live Sound Music Mod.

For aesthetic effects, all three speakers come with illumination lighting. Illumination lighting helps create the mood for a party, small get-together, or even a calm evening by yourself in your room.

What Are Their Prices?

 They will all be available in India on August 10th, 2021. Here are the price listings:

  • Sony SRS-XP700 – Rs. 32,990
  • Sony SRS-XP500 – Rs. 29,990
  • Sony XG500 – Rs. 32,990

There is an added benefit to pre-ordering your order. What do you gain out of pre-ordering, you ask? When you book your order beforehand, it makes you eligible to receive a Sony F-V120/C microphone with no extra charges. This microphone is worth Rs. 1,490. 

The only condition is that the customer must pre-book any three speakers until the 16th of August.

Where Can You Pre-Book Them?

 For pre-bookings, you can do the needful through the following sources:

  • Sony retail stores – Sony Center and Sony Exclusive
  • ShopatSC portal
  • All major retail stores
  • All major e-commerce sites

Model Specifications

Each model of speaker has its essential specifications as listed below:

1. Sony SRS-XP700 specifications

One of its specialties is its surround sound effect. They call this effect Omnidirectional Party Sound by Sony. 

The speaker is made in a rectangular shape, unlike a general circular one. They built this speaker this way speaker to maximize the speaker’s area.

Its connectivity includes:

  • A stereo mini-jack,
  • USB Type-A, microphone input,
  • Guitar input,
  • Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Support for SBC, AAC,
  • and LDAC formats.

2. Sony SRS-XP500 specifications

Most of the connectivity and aesthetic features are the same as the speaker mentioned above, except for the Omnidirectional Party Sound. This speaker delivers 20 hours of battery life lasting only on a single charge.

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3. Sony SRS-XG500 specification

This speaker lacks the OPS. It’s an all horizontal design. Sony SRS-XG500 is IP66 certified for dust and water. All the same connectivity options are available with this speaker, as the speakers mentioned above.


These three speakers can offer a lot to you. Don’t miss out and order them now!


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